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anime shows

all my favorite shows or series i like to watch on hulu plus or the computer

anime shows

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so funny..

this has so much action.. I love it

I love all the countries!!!

One. Amazing. Awesome. Spectacular. Beautiful. Anime. that's all I could say

I didnt watch the show but I read the manga, so if you want to watch some hilarious scene that will make you wet your pants..then read this manga-Beezlebub

if you are looking for a great adventure, what every true man wants, then watch this anime

best. anime. ever.

this. anime. is. awesome.

it's all about jazz and friendship..XD

a show definitely must watch!!! XD

this anime is a beautiful anime, that teaches you about family, friendship, kindness, and makes you cry like a flippin' baby!

it's true!!These are my princes..

this is a really good anime, a beautiful story line..

  • Karla Habbershaw
    Karla Habbershaw

    what is it called???

this is such a cute anime..I love it so much..

I remember this..

this show is amazingly awesome..

This series is AWESOME!!!

♥ ♥ ♥ this anime!!!!

love this anime!!!

Arcana Famiglia Photo: Arcana Famiglia

forever love this series!!!

oh yes....I watched Trigun...and LOVED IT!!!!


well.....the second one is very..Very...interesting......XD

I love this series!!! ♥ so much....