I laughed more than I should have at this

Party cat is in the house…

The difference between cats and dogs.this gave me a good laugh. I have a cat and a dog, and this is so true!

Bahaha so true

We used to have this cat that would sleep with me every night.everytime I woke up, I would be hanging half off the bed and the cat would be taking up of the space.he was a very small cat, mind you.

my doggies

Not sure, but our dogs did it and we gotta doggie door.peace at last! (Haha WHY do our dogs do this? I feel like its a revolving door some days!

Sooo cute !

Puppy Grooming to the extreme. Gotta love this hairdo! leschiffre Puppy Grooming to the extreme. Gotta love this hairdo! Puppy Grooming to the extreme. Gotta love this hairdo!


Everyone is aware that dogs love sticking out their silly faces through the window of the driving car and the lucky ones get to do it through the sun roof! The rest of dogs must be jealous.

Only three belly rubs…

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Wiener dog to the rescue!!!

Funny Dachshund Pictures with Captions CONFIDENCE: The feeling you experience before you fully understand the .

Henri le chat noir!

Colonel Meow, Henri, Le Chat Noir and Others Talk Cat Breading, Dog Shaming

No cyber bullying allowed!

Oh I love that. I'll pin it.did I already pin it? Oh well, I'll pin it again.

Would be my cat

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