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Understanding Emotions (Jump In!) [H4HK]

Jump In! is all about encouraging young people to face their emotions rather than suppress them or run away from them. This board is full of games and…
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Jump In, Stand Strong, Rise Up is a comprehensive three step emotional management plan from Hope 4 Hurting Kids to help young people understand, deal with and overcome the difficult emotions intheir lives.
The Super Simple Feelings Management Technique is part of the Jump In! Stand Strong! Rise Up! Comprehensive Emotional Management Plan from Hope 4 Hurting Kids. This portion of the plan deals with helping young people to recognize and understand emotions.
Please Don't Sweat The Small Stuff s the second component of Hope 4 Hurting Kids' three step Comprehensive Emotional Management Plan. It covers the six types of coping skills young people will need to Stand Strong! against difficult emotions.

Comprehensive Emotional Management Plan

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The My Feelings Workbook from Hope 4 Hurting Kids covers 50 different emotions that children or teens will likely face at some point during their youth or adolescence.
We are excited to announce the release of Draw Your Emotions. Draw Your Emotions is a brand new workbook designed to help young people identify their feelings. A fundamental part of emotional regulation is being able to recognize, name and understand the emotions going on inside of us. In the tradition of our Draw Your Emotions encourages the reader to use the gingerbread man figure to draw how a variety of emotions affects their body.
This miniature book about feelings for kids is called "My Book About Feelings" and comes to us from Scholastic.com.

Emotion Workbooks/Worksheets

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Each of these 54 cards emotion cards from Hope 4 Hurting Kids includes the name of a emotion, a face demonstrating that emotion, and a brief definition of the feeling. via @hope4hurtkids
Feelings Pictionary is a new take on an old game that help kids to learn about emotions while having fun at the same time. It's a great game for small groups, schools or family game night. via @hope4hurtkids
The Emotions Spoon Race is a fun and active way to help kids to better understand their emotions. It combines all the fun a traditional egg on spoons relay race with an improved emotional vocabulary and awareness. via @hope4hurtkids

Emotion Games

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The Feelings Parking Lot is a great tool to use with kids to both identify the feelings they are experiencing and to discuss different coping mechanisms
Emotional Packing: this is a great idea to teach students about what a burdens can do to someone: weigh them down and take up too much room.  It can also show how a counselor can help them work on these issues... that they pack deep down inside.
#playtherapy office: Emotions Carpet Rectangular

Emotion Activities and Crafts

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Vocabulary of emotions
Words for notes
NVC Feelings Inventory

Emotional Vocabulary

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One idea for helping kids deal with fear and anxiety is to create a Worry Bot. The idea is simple and provides a way for kids to both talk about their fears and to track them. Here’s how it works: Build a Worry Bot (or Worry Warrior or Worry Monster). Use can use any sort of boxes or containers so long as the child can put small pieces of paper in the Worry Bot and retrieve them later. We wrapped the lid on both the body and head of Worry Bot separately so it can be removed to insert and remo...
If you’ve ever been a parent, worked with kids, or even been around kids, you understand the importance of stuffed animals in a child’s life. I remember when my daughter was 5, she had to have her tonsils out. Her mother and I got her a purple baby doll to “keep her company” as she went into surgery. From that point on, that six-inch tall purple doll became a source of comfort to her as she faced difficult things in life. There is no doubt that stuffed animals can bring comfort to a child, bu...
Feelings Beach Ball is an easy technique for helping kids to identify emotions, give a name to them and/or talk about when they've experienced them.

Talking About Emotions

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How Big is my Problem? Classroom Management Poster
Anger Mountain
Individual triggers chart to use with students. Numbered 1-5 from bottom (happy) to top (angry) with simple statements, symbol style image support and space for writing possible triggers. A4 size but could be resized if necessary. The two versions are identical except for the skin tone used on the images

Gauging Emotional Intensity

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This set of emotion charts from Hope 4 Hurting Kids includes 5 charts with 30 emotions each that kids should recognize and be able to name by the ages shown on each chart. They are a great tool for helping kids to deal with difficult emotions. via @hope4hurtkids
Dealing with Feelings poster
Feelings Charts and Feeling Faces...

Feelings Charts

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This week we celebrate fan art submitted on Tumblr, featuring inspired Fan Posters! http://insideoutheadquarters.tumblr.com/themewster
Using plush toys to get kids to talk about their emotions.
50+ Ideas for using the movie inside out to teach emotional intelligence in counseling and play therapy v

Inside Out Emotions

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Mental health apps- Free(!) on iTunes
The Grouchies is an app created by the American Psychological Association and it is free.  It is a cute storybook format for children with funny rhymes and a chant that helps kids learn how to turn around grouchy moods.
An app: Breathe, Think, Do app for younger clients struggling with frustration. It's free!

Emotion Apps and Computer Games

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What Is Depression? Let This Animation With A Dog Shed Light On It. Very on spot.
Stories for kids: Worried Snorried - you tube video 1 min 36 seconds
We all Feel Fear. Here’s how to Make it go Away. {James Gandolfini on Sesame Street, Video}

Emotion Videos

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Find out how to use indoor target practice to help kids to process their anger and gain some relief from it. There is also an outside option.
Worksheet to recognize clues from your body that you are getting angry.
A STORY: Staying Calm When Angry (running time: 4min) - YouTube


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Worry Cards | Anxiety is common in children with Asperger's and other autism spectrum disorders. Here is a set of 32 cards for you to download and cut out to play a therapy game. The cards feature eight children with different anxiety profiles. Card users identify with the children described on the cards and increase awareness of their own anxiety issues. Tags: anxiety, Asperger's, social skills card game
Anxiety Self Help
Fears Talk | iMOM

Anxiety and Fear

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Teenage depression is often termed as bad moods and occasionally as a miserable feeling. However, it is a far more serious problem that impacts every phase of a teenager’s life.
Childhood Depression: Signs in Preschoolers, Kids & Teens at Dr. Michele Borba’s Reality Check
Parent Handbook on Childhood and Adolescent Depression.  Free book. This is an awesome book with tons of information for parents - very comprehensive!


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It's far too easy to shame our children without meaning to. Here are some tips to avoid creating feelings of shame.
Understanding Guilt
How to overcome childhood shame with God's word. Do you carry shame around inside? This post will show you how God's provision covers shame with beauty. Powerful!

Guilt & Shame

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Teen Stress - Infographic by Dyla Rosli, via Behance
Stressed Out Students
The Effects of Stress


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Here a child utilizes the mirror in the Safe Place™. A How Do You Feel Chart (click pic for a free printable copy of chart) is posted under the mirror. The child has an opportunity to match his face to a Feeling Buddies™ face. From there, he knows what options are available to him to calm and self regulate. #iheartcd
Create your own deck of feeling cards ... and ways to use them to help kids learn about emotions
Check out The Play Lady blog for therapeutic play activities

Emotion Activities (Compilations)

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Emotional intelligence activities ages 8-10
Emotional intelligence activities for 5-7 year olds

Emotional Intelligence

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