Lorrie Clark
Lorrie Clark
Lorrie Clark

Lorrie Clark

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If you're a Mickey fan, you won't believe you ever lived without Disney Movie Club. When you join the club you can pick your favorite Disney DVD's and get them sent to your home. Get 4 movies for only $1 with membership and free shipping on your first order! See details.

haha....yes this is the greatest onsie ever. Daddy doesn't shoot blanks!

I Don’t Know How People Can fake whole relationships. Lol so true!!! How do you do it??!

Priscilla is probably the sweetest and most popular mini pig on the Internet today! This little pink oinker from Florida has more than 170,000 Instagram followers and several thousand Facebook fans.

Turquoise and Brown square toed Corral Boots

"True statement if you don't have a gun to protect yourself!" - or you could clean your gun with holy oil and pray your shot will be dead on ~;^/>

What they would really look if they were real. by Jirka Vinse Jonatan Väätäinen

A faire soit même : une mini cloche de présentation avec un verre à vin cassé - DIY Mini Bell Jar From a Broken Wine Glass