Hope Gerhke-harlan
Hope Gerhke-harlan
Hope Gerhke-harlan

Hope Gerhke-harlan

Background of pink exotic flowers - Barringtonia racemosa

dark chocolate trail mix bites

Wow! Pistachio & Raspberry Cheesecake

Beautiful Paper Flowers: Hyacinths – DIY… pooh, I think these might be easier with crepe paper...

30 Questions to ask your spouse...fun! One Pinner said: We were laughing through our entire meal and learned so much about our childhoods. Highly recommend! 30 questions to ask your spouse. I would pick a question then he would answer it then I would answer it. Then he would pick a question etc. This would be fun for long drives

Bathtub for two, overflows into the shower.

Rooster out of Tires. What imagination! I think that these would look nice hung from a rustic fence or shepard's hook.

Make your own potato tower - no digging up potatoes! >> Must try!

how to make cement stones - this is great - would look cute to do a custom garden path with a favorite quote

Beneficial Insect Habitat: If this could be done with old tires, it would be amazing.