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simple things I might actually be able to draw..

simple things I might actually be able to draw..

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COOL!! Do a drawing using every other line of the paper . . . Lizard coming through the blinds? Snake? Possibilities!!!

CyBeRGaTa - Cats, Memes, New Mexico
  • Daniel Manley
    Daniel Manley

    Totally amazing!

  • Laurissa Ross
    Laurissa Ross

    How did you do it

  • sanne hagenaars
    sanne hagenaars

    i did it :D

Around the world in 80 drawings- different world landmarks drawn out gorgeously. Seriously some of the best drawings I have seen of these places. This book is a must check out!

How to draw an elephant.

  • flora smith
    flora smith

    my computer wont let me see it :(

  • Hope Hunter
    Hope Hunter

    Sadness. :(

Draw a picture (or child's name, etc.) with white crayon on white paper and then watercolor over it. Love this idea! (Never underestimate how far you can go w/ simple art supplies!)

  • Conner Basallote
    Conner Basallote

    Thats just about the coolest thing ive ever seen! Thanks

  • Hope Hunter
    Hope Hunter

    No problem.

  • ta

    trying it right now !!!!


Drawing eyes is not that hard, you know... ...I need to be serious, it's *beep* hard :P

Easy abstract painting that anyone can do! Just blob the paint on the canvas in random spots and blend! (would be interesting how students could make different pictures w/ the same colors and same blob positions)

leuk schilderij maken Door nancy081973
  • Robin Renee
    Robin Renee

    I like the blobs actually better than the art piece lol

  • Calbe Breadhead
    Calbe Breadhead

    Kinda looks like tie-die! =3

How to draw hair. ✤ || CHARACTER DESIGN REFERENCES | Find more at if you're looking for: #line #art #character #design #model #sheet #illustration #expressions #best #concept #animation #drawing #archive #library #reference #anatomy #traditional #draw #development #artist #pose #settei #gestures #how #to #tutorial #conceptart #modelsheet #cartoon #hair

how to draw an owl

  • Elizabeth Rupert
    Elizabeth Rupert

    i still cant do that lol i suck

  • Arielle Styles
    Arielle Styles


  • sophie brown
    sophie brown


  • T N
    T N

    help a lot

  • Julie Richardson
    Julie Richardson


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how to draw a shark

Как се рисува АКУЛА – 7 лесни стъпки | krokotak
  • lulu rains
    lulu rains

    I just used this for my art assignment and it was so perfect!! Thanks!!

  • Hope Hunter
    Hope Hunter

    Yay! So glad I could help. :)

  • Ashley Chapman
    Ashley Chapman

    this owl is hard

How to draw a cat

  • Suzie Gosch
    Suzie Gosch

    like it

  • Carol Regan
    Carol Regan

    Too cute

  • Ciara Mcneil
    Ciara Mcneil

    coolio :)

  • Stephanie Hart
    Stephanie Hart

    i like it

  • Katherine Wagner
    Katherine Wagner


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Great excercise for studying Da Vinci and perspective. Draw a Suspension Bridge, Tacoma Narrows

Bridge Lesson: Draw Your World - Blog - Draw Your World

funny graphs - How to Draw Corgis. DERP! Lol

How To Draw Mandalas (And Why You Want To) | Creative Dream Incubator

How To Draw Mandalas (And Why You Want To)
  • Audrey Hoffman
    Audrey Hoffman

    love it

  • MIracle Young
    MIracle Young

    That is soo cool :)

  • ta


Nature Journal: drawing ideas for trees

How to draw cartoon trees

How I draw rose - Tutorial by *pandabaka

How I draw rose? by pandabaka on deviantART
  • Hope Hunter
    Hope Hunter

    Yay! Good to know. :)

  • Taylor Comisky
    Taylor Comisky


  • Alyssa

    wow that's awesome

  • Annika

    REALLY helpful!! I feel so accomplished finally being able to draw a rose!!!

  • Tay

    thanks this was awesome!

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owl - how to draw

  • Jaleel Mareikura
    Jaleel Mareikura

    its well explaned and was very easy to draw

  • Hope Hunter
    Hope Hunter

    :) Good!

  • Hailey Ohlemacher
    Hailey Ohlemacher

    i might try this

Learn to draw a robin

Learn to Draw a Robin

Portrait Tutorial

Portrait Tutorial by Sick-of-Misery on deviantART
  • Tris Prior
    Tris Prior

    Man I can't draw like that but it was very helpful

  • mahwish ibrahim
    mahwish ibrahim

    i drew it

  • ashley grover ☀︎
    ashley grover ☀︎

    im gonna try :)

  • Phoebe Durrant
    Phoebe Durrant

    When you read it , it looks easy.When you try it,its difficult.

  • Roy Siu
    Roy Siu

    Brilliant, Thanks! :)

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Portrait Tutorial by Sick-of-Misery on deviantART
  • Marcela Moura
    Marcela Moura

    i tried this, it came out good but not as good as this !

  • Anees Prince
    Anees Prince

    Gonna Try

  • Gabby Brace
    Gabby Brace

    Hopefully I can do it :D

  • Izzy Antana
    Izzy Antana

    I am going to try :_

  • Izzy Antana
    Izzy Antana

    I tried it, and it was really good, even for a stick drawer like me

Pixel Art Tutorial - Human by ~Kiwinuptuo

Animal drawing tutorial.

  • kristen deason
    kristen deason


  • Nancy Dellamore
    Nancy Dellamore

    loving it

  • joy Rubertino
    joy Rubertino


  • Hailey Ohlemacher
    Hailey Ohlemacher

    love them

  • Carrie Bates
    Carrie Bates

    Sooooooo helpful

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  • erin kathleen
    erin kathleen

    i did this trutle

  • Alyssa

    it is so cute

  • Alyssa

    it is so cute

  • Arielle Styles
    Arielle Styles

    super cute

loads of expressions

  • Merjem Redzic
    Merjem Redzic

    i loved this one!

  • Rei MCruz
    Rei MCruz


  • Eli Finley
    Eli Finley

    hahhaha awesome

  • Calbe Breadhead
    Calbe Breadhead

    Loved it! ^w^

  • Mary-Catherine Gopal
    Mary-Catherine Gopal

    omg this will help a lot

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How to draw an eye

  • Brooke Bailey
    Brooke Bailey

    This is a amazing helped me soooo much in learning how to draw the eye!

  • Nate Roberts
    Nate Roberts

    OH MY WORD THIS HELPED SO MUCH! My sketch looks so real I don't want to move it!