Hope Lyman

Hope Lyman

I love cooking, baking and trying new recipes! I also enjoy music, traveling, TaeKwonDo, reading, blogging, and sewing. And I love my family!
Hope Lyman
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Oh Psych... you are my favorite.

"No, I meant to insult an entirely different group of Indians." lol so funny

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In part 1 of Pumpkin Overload, I shared a few ideas for home decor and even a body wash scent that was pumpkin. Now, we'll look at some of my favorites-pumpkin infused foods!

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Okay, so now that you've decided what theme you're using for your gift basket (we discussed this in part it's time to get started assembling it. The first step is to find a wicker basket.

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Homemade gifts from the kitchen add a personal touch to gift giving. Try these recipes for Peanut Caramel Sauce, Peanut Butter Truffles and Biscotti.

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Welcome to part two of Holiday Pie Baking! In the previous post we discussed.

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With the holidays nearing you start thinking of what you're going to bake.

Fall For Autumn! | #eBayGuides

I enjoy the freedom of summer, beauty of winter, and the life of spring, but there's nothing like the crisp air of fall. As soon as the weather starts to.

5 Must-Watch Disney Movies on #eBayGuides

5 Must-Watch Disney Movies

Shirley Temple - America's Little Princess on #eBayGuides

Shirley Temple was a child star of the Depression era whose dancing, singing, and dimples brought joy to people. Even after many generations, children still watch Shirley Temple.

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Sewing is not only a fun hobby, but there is something very satisfying about seeing some random pieces of fabric become a lovely new garment. Sewing is not hard at all, but simply requires a little time,.