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15 Chore Ideas for 4-Year-Olds

Pick Up Their Room Vacuum Water Plants Fold Washcloths and other small items Sort Fold Socks Put Away Laundry Dust Wipe Down Sink Empty Trash Wipe Down Door Handles (fav) Clear the Table Load Dishwasher Simple Meal Prep Set the Table Mop (child sized mop)

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all of a sudden he wants to be paid for living here…

to earn an allowance. and added some things that could earn extra money

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INSTANT DOWNLOAD: DIY Printable Punch Cards - 4 colors, chore cards, stay in bed cards

I decided my kids need more accountability for how much screen time they get.... So I made these Popsicle sticks... And now... They are seriously fighting over who gets to do what chores... Wow... Smh... At least I will have a clean house!! #momwin