Florence de Dampierre

From the Florence de Dampierre Collection for John-Richard Collection at Horchow.com.
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Chinoiserie Chic
an advertisement for the furniture store with chairs, tables and other items in it's display
Fresh. French. Chic. #frenchgirlstyle
a wall mounted light with two lights on it's sides and a mirror behind it
Mirrored "Shield" #Sconce by @Florence deDampierre at #Horchow.
a white chair sitting on top of a hard wood floor
"Halimeda" #Chair by @Florence deDampierre at #Horchow.
a living room filled with furniture and flowers
@Florence deDampierre's new dog bed #Decor #Horchow
four framed art pieces hanging on the wall
Florence de Dampierre Wallpaper Collage Giclees
there are many pictures on the wall and one is made to look like a castle
Leaf chair and wall art
a mirror mounted to the side of a wall
Florence de Dampierre Oriental Mirror
a clear vase filled with white and pink flowers
"Pivoines and Roses" by Florence de Dampierre at Horchow.
three chairs and two vases in front of a wall with the words natural wonders
A touch of whimsy
a living room filled with lots of furniture and decor
Hollyhock, north window designed by Florence de Dampierre for #LEGENDS2013