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b--te said: hi! umm pls pls PLS if you have the time, do a thingy on arms when you get the chance, they are so hard i could almost cry aslkdjaskjsas, i keep forgetting how many curves an arm should.

It's also a struggle at concerts because literally almost every single person at concerts is taller than me so it's a struggle to see but I manage

Teenager post I hate it when you're sitting in the cinema ready to watch the movie and the next thing you know BOOM. Human giraffe sits in front of you.

I swear stores want to watch us struggle to get the clothes we want lol

Here's a list of the 20 worst things about being short. What a cruel, big world we live in.

This has been said to me before :(

Short People Problem "You're like, really short". "Thanks, I had no idea". Same goes for tall people. Average people have no idea what life is like

I'm a shirt person so I can't relate to any of these but I'm pinning anyway

I'm short and i hit my head on everything. I feel sorry for mu BFF she's 6 ft tall/// I'm (the short side of tall) and I always catch my belt loop on door handles.