6 Places to Go Before You Have Kids

Be the friend?) I sit on the edge of the train tracks, swinging my legs with a sigh. A few tears stream down my face. My boyfriend just broke up with me." I hear a voice, and I turn to look. It's my best friend, and he looks worried.

Rooftop hot tub movie night anyone?

22 Incredible Outdoor Cinemas Worldwide.

Rooftop hot tub movie night anyone? This is in London. It looks so cool in one of Fun For Louis's vlogs.

Road trips are the best

Take a map, find a path, and run for it >>> Love this image and the real map. Nothing better than getting lost with a real map.

good vibes only

Summertime scuba diving at the beach ocean on tropical island Hawaii with shells

Boho. beach. palm leaves. Sandy

Inka is life goals

Take me there please.

tower of pisa photo


Take a risk and jump

moments of empowerment | COCONUTS AND SUNSHINE

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Camp with the pup and a hammock.

My ENO hammock, dog, and campfire is my slice of Heaven.

coco-moonbeam: “agirlnamedally: “ MIMI ” Her life is so colourful and positive, i’m jealous ”

I love places like this: where human once built something, then desided not to use it fon one reason or another. I love abandonded railroads, peeling off asphalt, empty houses. I love where nature is showing its power.

33 more breathtaking and incredible photos of abandoned places

Overgrown Railroad tracks in Taipingshan National Forest in Taiwan - Abandoned distressed places

A human's best friend / Adventure dog

✔️ plus #planetblue

Let's take a road trip and sleep in the car. How romantic, isn't it? Just stop where you like and no camping and feeling cold d.

Look at their pretty surfboards.

The Adventure Fund

The Adventure Fund Jar by garrettgee.me: A 'vacation' jar is also a great idea for getting your children involved in the planning and excitement, Fall is a great time to start one!