25 Badass Ways to Say No. My favorite? My lady balls aren't that big lol:)))

309 ways to get kicked out of Wal-Mart. These are the BEST! I WILL do these eventually!

309 ways to get kicked out of Wal-Mart. How do you get kicked out of Wal-Mart?

Um yep

e-card: I almost let what you said upset me. Then i remembered you're a spoiled, immature bitch.


Yes, we do still exist. Oh yes. If we're gonna get technical, I do drink socially and if drama happens, it's NEVER intentionally started, or even happened by me. There's not a lot in this world I hate more than drama!

Doing this... is probably my new hobby. Hahahaha.

FACT If you say, "raise up lights" really fast, it sounds like "razor blades" in an Australian accent. Lol it really works!

karma cleanse

I wish I could post this karma cleanse on my sisters board. because her kind of karma just wants to slap people in the face before she does. hope she reads or finds this kind of karma. I want this kind of karma around me giving and receiving.

Isn't that the truth

lying, cheating douchebag, otherwise known as my soon to be ex husband.

Work for a cause.

Work for a cause, not for applause. Live life to express, not to impress. Don't strive to make your presence noticed; just make your absence felt.

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