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Medical Ecards

Crude medical humor. Read at your own risk.

Medical Ecards

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See the complete selection of original sedation humor memes!

Collection of original #Hospitalist humor memes!

What Is A Hospitalist and What Is It Like To Be One?

DNR and Palliative Care original humor meme collection!

Best Palliative Care Slogan Ever: DNR Explained.

CHF Satire and Humor!

Man with Frequent CHF Readmissions Found To Be Half Sponge.

The Joint Commission is cracking down on wrong twin surgeries!

The Joint Commission Cracking Down on Wrong Twin Surgery.
  • Jonathan Yates
    Jonathan Yates


Heart Hospital Scrambles After All Cardiologists Call In Stuck After Snowstorm #Satire

This Little Diabetic Piggy Nursery Rhyme: A Promising Homeopathic Diabetes Intervention.

Two question good parent quiz!

Am I a Good Parent? Two Question Quiz!

One Colorado Hospital opened a marijuana doctors' lounge and the results have been phenomenal.

Marijuana Doctors' Lounge at Colorado Hospital is Nation's First.

See the complete list of funny medical slang and acroynms.

List of funny quotes by famous people, if they were doctors instead!

Complete collection of funny nurse memes!

Nurse Meme Humor E-card Collection. Funny Stuff!

Large collection of ER humor memes!

Narcotic (Opiate) Administration Policies In The ER Reviewed.
  • Sheridan Myers
    Sheridan Myers

    "The one that starts with a D"...I hear that all the time.

  • Jen Douglass
    Jen Douglass

    Corine SPencer- You need to be a nurse to get t his one.

  • Fred Seay
    Fred Seay

    Or have someone in your family who IS and addict.

  • InStyle-Decor Hollywood
    InStyle-Decor Hollywood

    great photo

  • Brother Bruce
    Brother Bruce

    Synthetic heroin, after I got injured on my driving job at UPS, drug of choice for 15 years. Then od'd. Jesus delivered me from them next, would be dead now otherwise!

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Insurance WILL pay if you leave AMA. Stop spreading the myth!

Will My Insurance Pay If I Leave Against Medical Advice (AMA)?

See the complete collection of diabetes humor memes!

Diabetes Humor Meme Collection.

Top 10 List of Social Admits!

Top 10 List of Social Admits Defined!

The Top 10 List of Social Admits!

Top 10 List of Social Admits Defined!

Nurse Bathroom Breaks Banned at Hospital!

Hospital Bans Unauthorized Nurse Bathroom Breaks

Funny Ebola Shirt for sale! Get yours today!

Funny Ebola Shirt
  • a b
    a b


How to make a doctor or nurse cry! See the entire giant list of tragic trinities!

How To Make a Doctor or Nurse Cry: The Tragic Trinities.

CDC #Ebola Isolation Protocol deficiency discovered!

CDC Ebola Isolation Protocol Deficiency Discovered