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Medical Ecards

Crude medical humor. Read at your own risk.

Medical Ecards

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Top 15 actual quotes from patients who stayed against medical advice!

Staying Against Medical Advice: Top 15 Reasons!

Walmart Rounds Helping Train Nation's Doctors! #Satire

Walmart Rounds Helping Train Nation's Young Doctors.

Complete collection of narcotic/opiate humor memes!

Narcotic (Opiate) Administration Policies In The ER Reviewed.

Clinical tutorial on how to initiate warfarin (Coumadin) dosing.

Why one patient fired their doctor.

My Doctor Won't Refer Me To Specialist. So I Fired Them.

#Medicare 3 midnight rule explained.

Three Midnight Rule For Medicare SNF Explained: Will CMS Pay?

#Medicare 3 midnight rule explained.

Three Midnight Rule For Medicare SNF Explained: Will CMS Pay?

See the complete collection of original funny nurse prayer memes!

Nurse Prayers: An Original Collection of Humor.

See the complete selection of original sedation humor memes!

Collection of original #Hospitalist humor memes!

What Is A Hospitalist and What Is It Like To Be One?

DNR and Palliative Care original humor meme collection!

Best Palliative Care Slogan Ever: DNR Explained.

CHF Satire and Humor!

Man with Frequent CHF Readmissions Found To Be Half Sponge.

The Joint Commission is cracking down on wrong twin surgeries!

The Joint Commission Cracking Down on Wrong Twin Surgery.
  • Jonathan Yates
    Jonathan Yates


Heart Hospital Scrambles After All Cardiologists Call In Stuck After Snowstorm #Satire

This Little Diabetic Piggy Nursery Rhyme: A Promising Homeopathic Diabetes Intervention.

Two question good parent quiz!

Am I a Good Parent? Two Question Quiz!

One Colorado Hospital opened a marijuana doctors' lounge and the results have been phenomenal.

Marijuana Doctors' Lounge at Colorado Hospital is Nation's First.

See the complete list of funny medical slang and acroynms.

List of funny quotes by famous people, if they were doctors instead!

Complete collection of funny nurse memes!

Nurse Meme Humor E-card Collection. Funny Stuff!

Large collection of ER humor memes!

Narcotic (Opiate) Administration Policies In The ER Reviewed.
  • Jocelyn Marie
    Jocelyn Marie

    I've been a patient, and lost a relative to addiction. I don't find the situation at all funny. I find the pic itself comical. (God forbid I find humor in anything).

  • Brother Bruce
    Brother Bruce

    Trust me, pain pills(synthetic heroin)(I was addicted to a variety of opiates for 10 years) addicts do know how to call pain medication by name. Thank God, Jesus delivered me from a 15 year bout with crack cocaine also, shortly after a overdose of the two. God is a real good God!

  • Lauren Kazlo
    Lauren Kazlo

    If you have chronic pain, you will know all pain med names too. After two years before my spinal cyst was properly disgnosed, I always wanted to know what drug they were giving me. It's called educating yourself. I hate the assumption that knowledge = addiction. (Now up and requesting 5mg of it pushed fast, that's another story!)

  • Lauren Kazlo
    Lauren Kazlo

    PS: I did also work in surgery before becoming ill, but even so I'd want to learn what I was getting. These Will Wonka memes annoy me.

  • Lauren Kazlo
    Lauren Kazlo

    I also don't get a high off it. I've only had it IV Push, and it took the edge off the pain and made me drowsy and overheated, but no "high"....

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Insurance WILL pay if you leave AMA. Stop spreading the myth!

Will My Insurance Pay If I Leave Against Medical Advice (AMA)?