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RVU, E/M, Practice Management Information

E/M Lecture: Level 2 vs Level 3 Hospital H&P Side-By-Side Comparison

New vs Established Patient (CMS and CPT) Lecture and Resource.

This common CPT® coding scenario is reviewed in detail

How to bill critical care time for family meetings explained.

Detailed Review On How To Pick the Correct CPT® Admission Codes For Initial Inpatient & Observation Hospital H (with the most amazing flow chart for coding ever!)

HPI For Diabetes, Fatigue, Hyptertension and Medical Management Consults.

Drug Therapy Requiring Intensive Monitoring For Toxicity (List) For High Risk Medical Decision Making (MDM) in E/M Explained.

Billing Two E/M Codes Same Day, Same Specialty and Group Explained.

"Discussion Of Case With Another Health Care Provider" and CMS Definition of Health Care Provider

Time Threshold E/M Billing And CPT® Coding Reference Tables.

Non-Physician Practitioners (non-billing NPP): Different Coding Scenarios Explained In Detail

How To Bill AMA Discharge (Against Medical Advice) In the Hospital

How to Code Observation For Hospitalist Taking Over From Primary Care Doctor (Different Medicare Group)

Status of 3 Chronic Medical Conditions For HPI and Medical Decision Making.

Changing Observation or Inpatient CPT® Codes To Match Hospital Billing

  • Vikram Gupta

    seems like every patient that needs admission to the hospital is observation until proven otherwise... It's getting to be very annoying and difficult of course. For some reason the ER physician is never held accountable. So frustrating...

How To Bill Hospital Follow-Up Codes Based On Time.

Can A Primary Care Doctor (PCP) and a Hospitalist Bill On The Same Day?

I answer a reader question about a common same day admit/discharge scenario.

Bill For Date of Admission or Date of Face-To-Face Evaluation

Code 44 and other Medicare Inpatient vs Observation Rules Clearly Explained

Choosing the correct CPT ® code for consults on Medicare patients.

Hospitalist Compensation per wRVU as a Proxy for Total Encounters.

Work (wRVU) and Total (tRVU) List For Common Hospitalist E/M CPT® Codes