'Autumn Frost' Hosta

New Shade-Loving Perennial Varieties for 2013

Shade Perennial - 'Autumn Frost' Hosta: 'Autumn Frost' forms a medium-size, tall mound of foliage that is twice as wide as it is tall. It's topped with light lavender flowers in mid- to late summer.

Hosta "Thunderbolt"

Hosta 'Thunderbolt' tall x wide) Heavily corrugated blue-green leaves with narrow margins that are golden in spring and creamy later. Near white flowers in July.

Hosta "Teaspoon" from Plant Delights Nursery

Hosta Teaspoon

Hosta Teaspoon,buy F. Nyikos 98 for sale,Hosta Teaspoon,Shop-Plant Delights Nursery, Inc.

'Wheee!' Hosta

New Shade-Loving Perennial Varieties for 2013

Hosta 'Great Expectations'

Monrovia's Great Expectations Plantain Lily details and information. Learn more about Monrovia plants and best practices for best possible plant performance.

Hosta 'Wheee!' -- ruffled edges!

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Ricks Custom Nursery of Lexington, VA for sharing this image of their entry in the Fine Gardening container contest. They placed in the top ten!  Rick says the Other plants used in the container are: Sambucus Sutherland Gold, Cimicifuga Pink Spike Caryopteris Snow Fairy, Heuchera Silver Scrolls, but Stained Glass was the real star :)    Hosta leaves also make a statement in cut flower arrangements. Do you have an ima

Gorgeous shade pot - McGillivary youre in charge.i want tons of potted plants this spring/summer on my new front porch :)

Sum of All Hosta  Sun tolerant, large hosta

Sum of All Hosta Plant - Three feet tall and 5 feet wide, 'Sum of All' is a garden standout - LARGE - Zone 9 - Shade

Hosta Loyalist

Hostas are great for shady, low lighted areas of any garden. They add hues of green, white, and blue with small white or purple flowers.

Hosta Fireworks scoutsadie

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