Hotel Playa Mazatlán

Hotel Playa Mazatlán

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Hotel Playa Mazatlán
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Mexican Night

Known as one of our more traditional shows at the Hotel, we will offer you an opportunity to learn about the traditional dances from various states in Mexico;

Donn Ralph Vient George

As part of the 60 years of "Hospitable Tradition" that we are celebrating in Hotel Playa Mazatlan, we are pleased to share with you an extraordinary interview

Then and Now

Hotel Playa Mazatlán now has more than 400 rooms and over 380 employees, with the longest beachfront and the largest repeat clientele of any resort in Mazatlán.

The Lagoon

The landscape around Hotel Playa was once a very different place. The main pool was filtered saltwater and surrounded by a marshy jungle of trees, shrubs and

Growth Spurts

By a third floor was added and our famous Fiesta Mexicana had its first show. Over the next fifteen years, as the hotel´s popularity grew, it was

1955: Mazatlan Begins Tourism

"Mazatlan…is a choice seaside resort with a splendid new resort hotel, Playa Mazatlán.

First, The Hotel Playa

In the fall of Hotel Playa held its grand opening. The symbol of a deer became our classic hotel logo after the name Mazatlán which means "land of the

Canoes Bridges

In with the exception of the semifinished Hwy there was not a single paved road or bridge in Mazaltán—much less in the entire state of Sinaloa!

The "Crazy Gringo" of Mazatlan

In the winter of California contractor Ulysses Solomon George came by jeep down the old, steep Durango Road to spend a few days in Mazatlan.


l Cid Vacations Club knows that everyone will have different tastes on choices.

Pino Suarez Market

First opened in the Pino Suarez central market has been continuously operating for more than 110 years. This classic warehouse-style vaulted metal and

Get on board to the Guagua and know Mazatlan

The beauty of the sea, warm people and rich of its historical center make of Mazatlan the perfect destination to visit any time of year, where its unique

Las Labradas

In a small port called Barras de Piaxtlain the town of San Ignacio, to the south of Sinaloa's state, is located on the beach a beautiful archaeological site


In ancient Mexico to represent the ecclesiastical power were built majestic"Cathedrals" which symbolized the economic and social power at that time served the

Angela Peralta Theater

Angela Peralta Theater formerly known as "Teatro Rubio" was founded in 1874 by Mr. Andrés Librado Tapia and Don Santiago, which was declared on December