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Vintage Hosiery

Vintage: What a beautiful word. Sounds like deep purple, old lace, and luxurious beauty… Feminine pantyhose, tights, back seams and cuban heels, thigh highs and old illustrations. #lovestruck!
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Model wearing black nylon hose permanently attached to high heeled satin mules by Herbert Levine, 1950.

Nylon Stockings: Classic Photos of a Fashion Staple |

Young lady having liquid hosiery applied to her legs in a store, Brisbane, September 1941 (by State Library of Queensland, Australia)

mudwerks: Young lady having liquid hosiery... - Vintage Chicana

Laura and Hope were just beginning to crouch into a hang-ten when, at the same time, they both realized they'd forgotten their nylons! High hilarity ensued!

Roger Wilkerson, The Suburban Legend! : Photo

One of my all-time favorite pin up girls, Bettie Page #NationalStockingsDay

Miss B | The thoughts of Boux Avenue’s girl in the know

Marilyn Monroe in Fishnets SHOP Fishnets as Low as $4!!!

John Strasberg on Marilyn Monroe: “She Really Looked At Me As If She Saw Me.” | The Sheila Variations

The world's oldest push up bra actually dates to the early 1800s and several bra like patents were issued during that century but the credit for the first bra that provided both shape and support goes to Herminie Cadolle who patented her le bien-être (well-being) in 1889. By 1905, the upper half was sold separately as a soutien-gorge, a name still used in France today and she was also the first to use elastic. This Cadolle brassiere is from the 1950s.

Cadolle | Brassiere | French