Afternoon eye candy: Random hotties (33 photos)

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We'll start off with Eric Dane. Or shall we say Mr. McSteamy from Grey's anatomy. He is even holding a smiley face bowl. Be happy Monday is two hours away from being over!

Yes.  Yes, officer, I did it.  Whatever it was.  Arrest me.

PLEASE arrest & handcuff me officer!] I have been a bad bad girl

He gets in here because he's carrying the axe. Good enough reason, right?

rapideyesmovement: “Stuart Reardon by Leo Holden” Starving for hot guys?

Hot......damn hot!

Deliver yourself to my house. Under Armour protect this house Shoulder Tattoo Tribal

Evening Eye Candy: Cuban Actor And Model William Levy | Page 4 ...

Evening Eye Candy: Cuban Actor And Model William Levy

William Levy - So Hot!: This guy is just the epitome of sexy. Washboard abs and a beautiful smile. I can't get enough of him! He's so hot

I don't know who he is, but oh my. Galeria de fotos para tu blog o webpage: Hot sexy men photos- Imagenes de Hombres guapos

Possibke cole character design Rhuan Favoretto by Brice Hardelin. Male portrait, focus on the eyes. Black and white.