Hot Glue Gun and Hot Glue Crafts

We don't think it can be called a craft project unless hot glue & a glue gun are involved. Granted, we might be a bit biased, since hot glue and hot glue guns are our specialty!
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Woven Star Tutorial - All you'll need to make this gorgeous star is 12" x 12" glittered cardstock, scissors and glue (hot glue works best). **Maybe try craft foam or thick felt

TristinandCompany: $5 or less

(leprechaun hats too) Pilgrim hats: Cut out the bottom of a black paper cup, hot glue upside-down to a chipboard circle and add a hat band. plan to try to use a k cup


Thanksgiving Kids Table

NO-SLIP SLIPPERS - use a hot glue gun to add grippers to the bottom of slippers. #practical #hotglue

Quick tip: No-slip Slippers | Pretty Prudent

want! Craft sticks, wooden circles, hot glue, ribbon, and paint.Spray it with Glue and sprinkle fake snow and clear glitter on it. Can do! This would look great on the front door of some one who has a snow flake themed Christmas decor!!!

The Ballard Bunch

Cork wreath tutorial at VonFrau. Corks, check! Hot glue gun, check! Toothpicks, check!

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Hot glue Ribbons to the back of picture frames and attach them to a curtain rod!

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Make hot glue stencils! You just need wax paper and a glue gun!

Hot Glue Gun Stencils

Tree house made from off cuts and hot glue. A great project to help your kids make!


Tree House Doll's House. -

letter ‘wreath’ made by hot gluing Christmas berries from the craft store to a wood letter.


Hang Christmas Lights Outside with Hot Glue! #holiday #Christmas #decor #idea

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Brooklyn Limestone: Steal this Idea*: Paper Dahlia Wreath

Brooklyn Limestone: Steal this Idea*: Paper Dahlia Wreath

Easy Halloween candle display! Wrapping paper tube, paper towel tubes and TP tubes. Hot glue (I was amazed that I only used about 3 sticks, flat black spray paint (just the cheap crap) and battery operated tea lights. No fire danger with this festive display :)

Prop Showcase: Candle cluster

Stones glued to felt = hot pad

Register for Gifts | Martha Stewart Weddings

We love these! We love music and hot glue it's a match made in heaven.

Opulent Cottage: Sheet Music Wreath Ornaments

Bottle Cap Magnets hot-glue a small magnet, available at crafts stores, inside

Better Homes & Gardens

Creative Crafts that Recycle

Making Floral Arrangements Using Hot Glue--Check out these directions from one of our employees!

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Hot glue flowers onto a lampshade to dress it up!

Felt Flowers~ An Online Tutorial

Update a Mayo jar or give a vase a face lift with your hot glue gun!

Make A Pretty Vase Out Of Marbles And A Mayo Jar

Check out this great Layered Ombre Zase tutorial at we love that she puts her hot glue gun to good use!

Layered Ombre Vase - Addicted 2 Decorating®

Tutorial for large paper wall flowers or paper medallions at

Perfect wedding gift! Get some wood letters, canvas, paint and use your hot glue gun! We also think it would be great to a get a photo canvas printed of the happily couple to accompany this!

Personalised 'Happily Ever After' Canvas

Best Glue Guns for the Serious Craftster. Because Hardcore Craftsters Need Hardcore Glue Guns. Especially for all the great ideas you find on pinterest!

Best Glue Guns for the Serious Craftster

Update a plain lamp by hot gluing old toys to the base and spray painting it. We also think it could look really cool if you spray paint the toys different colors then hot glue them on!

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Housewarming Gift! We like this idea, but feel a glue gun would make an excellent addition :)

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Hot Glue+Felt=Awesome Decorative Pillow!

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