Delete tourists from your travel photos 1: Set your camera on a tripod. 2: Take a picture about every 10 seconds until you have about 15 shots  3: Open all the images in Photoshop by going to File > Scripts > Statistics. Choose “median” and select the files you took. 4: Bam!  Photoshop finds what is different in the photos and simply removes it!  Since the people moved around, it fills the area where someone was standing with part of another photo where no one was there.

not diy but i must remember this. Your Photos Will Never Be The Same - LoL Champ - Delete tourists from your travel photos with this Photoshop trick.

Verbal abuse is still abuse.

Make the promise to yourself, to Never EVER speak to your children in a way that you wouldn't want to be spoken to. No matter how irritated you get or exhausted you are, keep your temper low, you'll thank yourself later.

When a magnitude 6.8 earthquake shook Olympia, Wash., in 2001, shopowner Jason Ward discovered that a sand-tracing pendulum had recorded the vibrations in the image above.    Seismologists say that the “flower” at the center reflects the higher-frequency waves that arrived first; the outer, larger-amplitude oscillations record the lower-frequency waves that arrived later.

Earthquake art: when a magnitude earthquake shook Olympia, Washington in shop owner Jason Ward discovered that a sand tracing pendulum had recorded the vibrations in this image.

diver in front of thousands of fish

Photographer and marine biologist Octavio Aburto snapped the images of the "fish tornado". Images of an underwater fish "tornado" were captured at Cabo Pulmo National Park in Mexico.

blood vessels of the eye

You know how once you study one piece of art by an artist, you notice similar designs emerging throughout the rest of their piece.

Love is love, it is formed between two human beings, it knows no race, creed, religion, or social background. To me there's nothing more beautiful than this ;)

DIY Cupcake Holders

---Said BONES.first thing i thought of was Bones