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    If you're lucky enough to have open floorspace under the stairs, reclaim it by creating a cozy nook.

    7 Small-Space Spots You're Forgetting to Decorate

    Pair a slightly neon shade of blue with weathered wood, you can practically smell the invigorating sea air.

    An Ode to the Color Blue

    Use one good piece to anchor a room.

    8 Style Rules From the "First Couple" of Decor

    "It is a showcase of cool, contemporary design that completely defies the norms of a domestic interior environment," says Max Slaught, a rental agent at Domus Nova.

    Color Lovers: Would You Live In This Quirky Rainbow House?

    Stairway - Vintage license plates add pops of color to the staircase that leads to the loft area.

    This Texas Barn Is Everything We Ever Wanted in a House

    Vintage Chest Next to Stairway #californiahomes

    Inside a Stylish, But Still Kid-Friendly, LA Home

    Colorful DIY Staircase Ideas

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    Write on the walls. Design: Kim Dempster and Erin Martin. Photo: Alec Hemer. #stairwell #beach_house #vintage #text #typography

    A California Beach House

    Use a vintage pull-down map to hide the television. Designed by Erin Martin and Kim Dempster. #decorating_tips #tv #living_room_ideas

    A California Beach House
    • Susan K
      Susan K

      Cute idea to hid circuit breaker box!

    Upstairs Hallway

    An Airy, Caribbean-Inspired House

    The walls are covered in Carleton V's Plantation and trimmed in Benjamin Moore's Mayonnaise. Sisal runner, Stark

    A Colorful and Whimsical Palm Beach House

    Entry Hall

    When Couples Clash on Decor

    rainbow-colored spiral staircase is one of the home’s focal points.

    Color Lovers: Would You Live In This Quirky Rainbow House?
    • Kathy Bandaruk
      Kathy Bandaruk

      absolutely love the use of color!

    • nicole fisher
      nicole fisher

      This is so pretty & it makes my ocd happy to know they have the colors in the right order. :-)

    Entry Hall

    A Dreamy White House

    Traditionalist Foyer

    How To Decorate With Black-and-White


    A House With French Flair

    An upholstered banquette under foyer stairs sets a welcoming, relaxed, convivial tone.

    8 Of The Coziest Nooks We've Ever Seen

    Stairs With Contrast.

    7 Cool Staircases

    Antique Staircase.

    7 Cool Staircases

    Secret Nook Ladder.

    7 Cool Staircases

    Rope Railing.

    7 Cool Staircases

    Modern Wood Staircase.

    7 Cool Staircases
    • Kim Done
      Kim Done

      Major trip hazard!!!

    Stairs as Bookshelves.

    7 Cool Staircases

    Geometric Banister.

    7 Cool Staircases

    Unique Wall Art.

    Real Home Makeover Ideas