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Featured house sits from exotic locations Worldwide. Enjoy free accommodation in exchange for minding a home. Often, you also get to care for and enjoy pets…
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a garbage truck is parked on the side of the road in front of some houses
House Sitters Needed Nov 19, 2023 Short Term SPOKANE Washington United States
a cruise ship is in the distance as seen from behind some pine trees on a sunny day
BC Housesitting
#Metchosin BC, 3 weeks over Christmas; ocean views & cats! #HouseSitters Needed Dec 5, 2023, 23 Days Victoria British Columbia Canada More/Apply: @HousecarersPetsitters
a wooden bench sitting on top of a lush green field next to a lake filled with flowers
Winona housesitting Missisiisippi river
Expedia rated #Winona 1 of the top 16 tourist-friendly cities in the US! Make Memories on the Mississippi River. Historic Island City. #HouseSitters Needed Feb 10, 2024, 32 Days #Winona Minnesota USA More/Apply: @HousecarersPetsitters
the sun is setting over an old town and some vines are growing in front of it
House and pet sitting Bibbiano Emilia Romagna Italy
Quiet area in countryside but close to center village #HouseSitters Needed Jul 24, 2024, 23 Days #Bibbiano Emilia Romagna Italy. More/Apply: @HousecarersPetsitters
four different views of the countryside with trees, grass, and other things to see
Cat & House Sitters Medium Term for HIGH PEAK Peak District England Housesit
An opportunity to spend the Christmas period in the beautiful Peak District with a very friendly cat. #HouseSitters Needed Dec 12, 2023, 25 Days HIGH PEAK District England More/Apply: @HousecarersPetsitters
a black and red sign with a dog and cat sitting in front of it on a blue background
Pet free housesitting
House Sitting without Pets. For Housesitters interested in Pet-Free housesitting only.
a sunflower is blooming in front of a wooden house on a sunny day
Housesitting Switzerland
Cosy Farmhouse at the rim of a forest with two adorable cats looking for a house-cat sitter #HouseSitters Needed Oct 15, 2023, 53 Days #Brunnadern Switzerland More/Apply: @HousecarersPetsitters
the sun is setting over the ocean with clouds in the sky above it and trees on the beach
Housesitting Holloways Beach QLD Australia
#Urgent Housesit at beautiful Holloways Beach near #Cairns QLD Australia #HouseSitters Needed Oct 8, 2023, 44 Days More/Apply: @HousecarersPetsitters
a room with a bed, dresser and rug in it
Cat & House Sitters Medium Term for Near Ruffec Poitou Charentes France Housesit
Historic relais in rural France #HouseSitters Needed Dec 16, 2023, 36 Days near ruffec poitou charentes France More/Apply: @HousecarersPetsitters
a dog standing on top of a fallen tree
Housesitting Loveland close to the Rockies Coloradi
#Dogsitter #Housesitter needed for sweet pup in Loveland close to the Rockies Dec 10, 2023, 13 Days #Loveland Colorado USA More/Apply: @HousecarersPetsitters
several boats are docked in the water next to a tall building with a red bridge
Cosy house and friendly puppy in centre of Rotterdam, Netherlands #HouseSitters Dec 10, 2023, 20 Days Rotterdam Zuid Holland Netherlands More/Apply: @HousecarersPetsitters
an old bridge with two towers over water
Housesitting Berlin
Mind Yogi in nice apartment in Berlin #HouseSitters Oct 12, 2023, 12 Days Berlin Germany More/Apply: @HousecarersPetsitters
a living room filled with furniture and lots of windows next to a body of water
Housesit a houseboat floathome
Stay on a float home and enjoy the company of 2 wonderful cats! #HouseSitters Needed Oct 17, 2023, 25 Days #Delta BC Canada More/Apply: @housecarersPetsitters
a balcony with a potted plant on it and the ocean in the background
Housesitting Mexico
Discover Manzanillo #HouseSitters Needed Nov 1, 2023, 36 Days #Manzanillo #Colima Mexico More/Apply: @HousecarersPetsitters
an old stone building with red flowers growing on it's walls and door to the outside
Housesitting France
Large, private house in the French Countryside #HouseSitters Needed Apr 5, 2024, 24 Days Cressat #Limousin France More/Apply: @HousecarersPetsitters