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Rica Motoqui もとき理川

Inspiring digital artwork and design and ideas. Big red graphic flowers and plenty of white space by Rica Motoqui.

poster "zwischenzonen" / marta herford

poster "zwischenzonen" / marta herford

awesome Cute Illustrations Show How Complicated Love Is Made Simpler With IKEA Products... - a grouped images picture

Very simple campaign. Fits Ikea's look and gets the point across with a good tone. Love is complicated, Ikea is simple

I really like the organic formation of this line work. I see this working for the nodes section of your project once we work out the clusters. Its shows the connectivity really well and how its all integrated. I wnat this to tell your story at a glance rather than having to read information.

This is a really nice infographic as I like the 'line art' style using only black and white with simple text. The infographic flows well because of this and is easy to understand

The Korean Film Festival Branding by Il-Ho

Vibrant identity and collateral for the Korean Film Festival, created by freelance designer Il-Ho. "The motto of the third Project K – The Korean Film Festival was