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    Start Being Awesome custom artwork. Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother HIMYM. This sign is for sale and this is the link to the etsy shop.

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    Make outdated nutcrackers hip again by painting them. 3 ways to use mini place card nutcrackers. #nutcrackers #christmas #place #card #holder #ornament #display

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    • Jennifer Scott
      Jennifer Scott

      You are so cool. :) I love these. Love your friend, Jen

    Make outdated nutcrackers hip again by painting them. 3 ways to use mini place card nutcrackers. #nutcrackers #christmas #place #card #holder #ornament #display

    3 ways to decorate with mini nutcrackers

    2 hacks: Ikea Bygel rails as curtain rods & bed sheets into curtains

    2 hacks: Ikea Bygel rails as curtain rods & bed sheets into curtains

    ikea hack! Use a Bygel kitchen rail as a curtain rod! Also, learn how to diy your own curtains at

    Two hacks in one post (curtains for my boy’s room)
    • Colette Hoff
      Colette Hoff

      Can I ask why you decided to leave them only on the sides instead of being able to pull them closed? I don't believe I've ever seen that done before.

    • Allison Hepworth {House of Hepworths}
      Allison Hepworth {House of Hepworths}

      I never close them and thought they looked cute this way.

    • Tina Bench
      Tina Bench

      It is cute this way. I've seen this done in the new model homes. Personally I love the look. If privacy is an issue, some type of Roman or roller shade can be added.

    Easy way to store all those piles of LEGO instruction booklets. Put them in a binder. More details over at Repin if you love this so your friends can see it too!

    Sorting all those LEGO instruction booklets
    • Nicole Leigh Shaw, Typo Aretist
      Nicole Leigh Shaw, Typo Aretist

      You are so wise, woman!

    • Beth ~Unskinny Boppy~
      Beth ~Unskinny Boppy~

      Oh man, I so need to do this. I have some dating back to 1983 that were my husband's. No joke.

    • DeAnn Cundiff
      DeAnn Cundiff

      hey not a bad idea, thanks Heather

    Room paint makeover. Sherwin Williams SW Accessible Beige. Great neutral greige color.

    Goodbye green. Another room gets painted.

    Peacock Shirt using heat transfer material

    DIY heat transfer shirts & bags

    Add outdoor mood lighting for a big impact. Tips and info at

    Add outdoor mood lighting for a big impact

    Replace light switches and plug outlets for a big impact with a small price tag

    replacing switches and outlets – a small update with a big impact

    Master Mechanic Swift Driver Dual-Drive Ratcheting Screwdriver, 29-Pc. Set from True Value www.houseofhepwor... #truevalue

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    How to display a business card collection

    A weird collection and how I display it (blog business cards)

    How to replace a leaky toilet flapper. Tutorial at

    How to replace a leaky toilet flapper

    HIMYM Barney Stinson Start Being Awesome typographic statement art @House of Hepworths

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    • Lauren Seibert
      Lauren Seibert

      Fabulous job!!! Way better than the original!

    • Lauren Seibert
      Lauren Seibert

      Wait I mean AWESOME job!!

    Looking for a great shower curtain? Here are 4 awesome ones to choose from. #worldmarket #westelm #target #showercurtain

    Fourth times a charm {shower curtains}

    Scott's Snap Spreader System will make you hotter. True Story.

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    • Michelle Wormley
      Michelle Wormley

      you guys are too much fun!

    • Cindy Range
      Cindy Range

      So, they still sell socks, wrist and headbands and shorts like that?!

    • Suki Lotti
      Suki Lotti

      Oh, I can't wait to read this on the blog!

    • Allison Hepworth {House of Hepworths}
      Allison Hepworth {House of Hepworths}

      Cindy - no, not really. It took us half a day to hunt down and piece this outfit together!

    • Jessica Kara
      Jessica Kara

      Now I know why my husband wants one so much! LOL

    Most awesome ikea Malm dresser hack of all time. Katie from My DIY Habits as featured on

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    How to paint a cooler. Dont throw your ugly cooler away. Give it a face lift with some paint! Tutorial at

    A cooler cooler [painting an old faded cooler]

    HIMYM Barney Stinson Whenever I get sad I stop being sad and start being awesome - yellow

    “Start Being Awesome” art is a huge hit!
    • L Rob
      L Rob

      So cute!

    DIY Painted Sign Projects • Tutorials and ideas!

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    • Winnie@Something Sweet
      Winnie@Something Sweet

      hi Allison Hepworth {House of Hepworths} :) I'd really like to join your "DIYs Crafts & Recipes group board". I'm one of the top-bloggers in my country and I'm sure I can contribute. If you decide to open this board I'd appreciate it if you consider inviting me. Thank you, Winnie

    Disney luggage tags. How to make cheap easy custom Disney luggage tags. #disney #luggage #tags #travel #disneyworld #disneyland

    Custom Disney luggage tags (+ a Disney link party)
    • Emily Williford
      Emily Williford

      Teri Woods, thought you might like this

    Make christmas trees from flower pots. Easy to follow tutorial. #christmas #crafts #holiday #flowerpot #terracotta

    Christmas Tree from terra-cotta pots
    • Tiffany Dawbin
      Tiffany Dawbin

      Make them a color u could use outside in the spring

    • Lori Saunders
      Lori Saunders

      good job gl

    Christmas Tree made from Terra-Cotta pots w/ full tutorial House of Hepworths

    Christmas Tree from terra-cotta pots

    Halloween decorating ideas and tips

    H A Double-L O W Double-E N spells “Halloween”

    Ice cream cone cupcakes! (This image was created by someone who stole my IMAGES from me. I'm reposting it linked up to my original tutorial to try to help spread MY original photos and content to everyone on pinterest, so that I can get credit for it. Please re-pin THIS one, not the ohcupcake! one.) thx!

    My I-thought-I-had-an-original-idea ice cream cone cupcake pan
    • Jerrica C.
      Jerrica C.

      She only said it's her photo and tutorial she never said that idea was her own so relax

    • Kristian Leigh
      Kristian Leigh

      I have made these several times for birthday parties. The recipe is on the icecream cone box. Definitely not original so no need to be harsh people! She just wants her picture to be known its her picture and tutorial!

    • Sue Horne
      Sue Horne

      PEOPLE - she is JOKING!!! she is talking about the PAN not the her site - hahahahah

    • Allison Hepworth {House of Hepworths}
      Allison Hepworth {House of Hepworths}

      Hey guys! I can see why my description was confusing. My images were stolen off my own blog, that I took with my own camera. The blog who stole my images created the above pinned image which they linked to their website. I did not invent cupcake cones! I am upset that my images were stolen and passed off as someone elses. I would like credit for my images and also for my post that I wrote in my own words. That's all!

    • Rebecca Price
      Rebecca Price

      H of H...I'd really love to repin-spread the word about this cute idea, but there's just too much drama tied to it. I'm sorry someone stole your images (because that just plain sucks).

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    Make christmas trees from flower pots. Easy to follow tutorial. #christmas #crafts #holiday #flowerpot #terracotta

    Silver Christmas Tree from terra-cotta pots
    • Leslie Anderson
      Leslie Anderson

      I would get some of the artificial snow to add so

    How to change the filter in your A/C unit. Do you even know you have a filter inside your unit? That pesky thing called maintenance {air conditioner filters} @ #filters #DIY

    That pesky thing called maintenance {air conditioner filters}

    Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites recipe. Melissa from The Happier Homemaker as featured on

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    Guest Bathroom reveal and source list at House of Hepworths www.houseofhepwor...

    I’m calling the guest bathroom DONE. (for now, anyway)

    House of Hepworths interior house paint colors.

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    Need to hang a heavy object on the wall? Use a cleat picture hanging system. House of Hepworths gives a tutorial on how to hang a heavy full-length leaner mirror on the wall using this Picture Hanging System.

    How to hang a heavy full-length leaner mirror on the wall

    Make your own curtains using twin bed sheets and ribbon at She also shares a three dollar curtain rod hack from ikea.

    Two hacks in one post (curtains for my boy’s room)

    PB hotel bedding knock off tutorial~pretty simple.

    PBTeen inspired DUVET & SHAM tutorial {Bedding Week}

    PotteryBarnTeen bedding knock-off. Saved a whopping 355 bucks! Check out House of Hepworths for all the deets!

    PBTeen inspired DUVET & SHAM tutorial {Bedding Week}
    • Shandra Mueller
      Shandra Mueller

      I'm excited for the tutorial series. I've been wanting to redo my bedroom and this is the style of bedding I wanted, so it's perfect timing! YAY!

    • Kara Antrim
      Kara Antrim

      This is fantastic! It looks exactly like the PB one.

    • Madison Dyer
      Madison Dyer

      The bottom one is wayyyyy smaller

    • Sydney Warney
      Sydney Warney

      That is such a great bargin for the same bedding

    • ⚓️Lilly-Anne⚓️ Yow
      ⚓️Lilly-Anne⚓️ Yow

      Where did u find the bedding for such a cheap price

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    Lego Organization! Where to purchase this Lego System and a tutorial on how to make the lego labels. #lego #ikea #silhouette #cameo #boy www.houseofhepwor...

    Labeling & organizing massive amounts of Legos

    How to turn ikea furniture into a mudroom locker system. Step-by-step tutorials (3 posts) to create your custom laundry or mudroom. #ikea #ikeahack #laundry #mudroom #beadboard

    The laundry slash mudroom is almost done
    • Dana Crafter
      Dana Crafter

      Idea for running Pipe Through Cabinet.

    Buddy the Elf sign tutorial at #vinyl #subway #sign #art #silhouette #elf #buddy #ferrell #Deschanel

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    Awesome cow painting www.houseofhepwor...

    How Now Orange Cow {dining room painting}
    • Suzy Q
      Suzy Q

      I have this too! :D

    • Janet Overbey
      Janet Overbey

      Me too! It is over my computer and got it at Farmhouse Funk, Astoria Oregon

    • Carolyn Emery
      Carolyn Emery

      Where can you buy this. Or maybe I should be asking about the artist?

    • Janet Overbey
      Janet Overbey

      Farmhouse Funk, Astoria Oregon may be able to get it still. They are on Facebook.

    • Stacy Abcd
      Stacy Abcd


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    mudroom storage - hang baskets on the wall to collect kids' stuff.

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    Tips for painting trim and doors so you don't end up with peeling paint. How to choose the right paint for the job. www.houseofhepwor... #oil-based #latex #primer #paint #painting #trim

    Most epically horrendous DIY disaster to date
    • Lynne Hollingsworth
      Lynne Hollingsworth

      409 to the Rescue! 409 has a solvent in it that will dissolve latex paint, allowing you to scrub it off with the blue scrubber sponge from your kitchen. When it happened to me, I only had to use a table knife for the creases in the molding. Your doors look GREAT now!

    front porch. Tall planters, trees.

    We DIY’d our own flowerbed!

    8 great ways to display kids artwork

    Kids Artwork – display it in style

    How to add moulding to windows with rounded corners

    3 small projects equals one big post update

    Cute use for Wheatgrass... plant wheatgrass in a cup, take a silly picture of your kid, print it out, tape it to the cup. Now it looks like crazy hair. Image from

    Another use for Wheatgrass…

    Make an adorable pencil jar from a can and jute

    A can of beans?

    HoH Cheese Dome Cloche @houseofheps

    Cheese Dome turned Cloche

    Cheese dome turned cloche at www.houseofhepwor...

    Cheese Dome turned Cloche

    How to install a shelf and coat rod in a closet

    Finally, an official coat closet

    Cardboard Houndstooth Taxidermy Unicorn Head tutorial. Cardboard Safari. @House of Hepworths.

    Cardboard Houndstooth Taxidermy Unicorn Head
    • Kimberlie Sasan
      Kimberlie Sasan

      Jennifer Lawson would love this! But if I tried to make it, it would turn out like a rhino.

    • Bonnie Keller
      Bonnie Keller

      Thomi Gill - reminds me of you! :-)

    • Thomi Gill
      Thomi Gill

      hahh this is great :)

    How to hang bead board moulding #beadboard #bead board #moulding #molding #trim #DIY #tutorial #laundry room #mud room

    Laundry Room face lift + How to install beadboard