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Spicy Cold Kimchi Noodles

Bbibim naengmyun!! Spicy cold Kimchi noodles recipe - This is a perfect summer time dish. Bring your lost appetite back with these spicy cold Korean noodles! |


Soy and Lime Spicy Grilled Shrimp

An easy and versatile marinade that comes together in minutes and packs a huge punch of umami flavor! Use it as a marinade on shrimp, fish or even as a dipping oil for lobster and shrimp.

One of my favorite foods ever kimchi!!! This is dry kimchi nongshim ramyun- Korean Dry Instant Noodles. I have to try this :)

How to make Jjajangmyun, black bean noodles

Ultimate comfort food: Make the best-ever homemade ramen in 3 steps

Kimchi Noodle Cake

This savory pan-fried noodle cake made with rice noodles packs a lot of flavor with just a few ingredients, ideal for a quick breakfast or lunch. Click the link to read the complete recipe.