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Diving the wreck of the Oro Verde off Grand Cayman. Met Harvey, a 200 lb Grouper that weighs 200 lbs because divers feed him.

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The Imperial Eagle, an old ferry, was scuttled in July 1999 and lies perfectly upright on a sandy seabed. The deck is approximately 30m deep and the wreck is open for penetration. Not far from the wreck, approximately 30m from the bow, there is a large statue of Jesus Christ with outstretched arms. Photo by Brian Azzopardi, Atlantis Diving Centre.

Ix-xatt L-ahmar

The 80m long MV Xlendi, an old ro-ro ferry, was scuttled in November 1999 on Gozo’s south-east coast. Unfortunately, this wreck ended up completely upside down and therefore this dive is advised for experienced divers only. The propellers, one on each end, are found at approximately 32m depth. Wreck penetration is not recommended due to its very unstable condition. An old car lies next to the ferry on the coast side. Photo by Brian Azzopardi, Atlantis Diving Centre.

Le Polynesien was a French Freighter sunk in WWI. Being 145m long, it lies at a depth that varies between 53m and 70m. This wreck has been nicknamed the "Plate Ship" because of the number of artefacts still on it. Photo by Brian Azzopardi, Atlantis Diving Centre.