Second star to the right Peter Pan tattoo.

All the Fey take the tattoo when they come of age, but only the future king or queen wears it on his/her left shoulder. Everyone else wears it on their left wrist.

Disneyland/Sleeping Beauty's Castle Tattoo with fireworks and Mickey shaped balloons

3 tips for tattoo placement Tattoo Talk Tuesday Hello everyone is Qcknd and welcome back at Tattoo Talk Tuesday. If it is the first time that you accompany us: Tattoo Talk Tuesday is our weekly interactive question and answer video …

A Micky/Minnie balloon for every member of your family :D

Not only is this cute because it's Disney, but also because it represents the whole family. So getting this if I ever have kids.

Mouse !

One of the most interesting tattoos, that people choose, is a Mickey Mouse tattoo. If you find it interesting, check out this gallery of amazing Mickey Mouse

Tinker Bell

i thought i'd do something different i didnt drew the stars but this is where i got the stars from inhaledlastbreath and i already had a tinker bell pic. tinkerbell and stars