Everything you want to know about Australian Cattle Dogs including grooming, training, health problems, history, adoption, finding a good breeder and more.

Australian Cattle Dog - also known as a Heeler, a medium-sized dog who is known for their endurance and needs a lot of exercise and activity

How to Exercise a Cattle Dog

How to Exercise a Cattle Dog

Your active and alert puppy was white at birth, but dark blue-tinged gray fur soon appeared to give him the distinct look the blue heeler is famous for. Also known as the Australian cattle dog, the .

Indestructible Dog Toy (made with sweet potatoes!)

"Indestructible" Dog Toy

DIY Indestructible Dog Toy: Jute (or hemp) and sweet potatoes >have to make this! + easy >great tut> need about 4 hours baking time deg oven)

how to stuff a kong.     If your dog is new to the kong toy, make it extremely easy for him at first and gradually make it harder to get the food out.  Some dogs will learn quicker than others so just go at your dogs pace.     = )  If they get really good at this you can freeze items.  Makes a great summer treat.

How To Stuff A Kong Toy

You already found some interesting things to stuff inside your dog& Kong chew toy. Now, you& wondering exactly how other people stuff Kongs. Here are some great tips for stuffing Kong toys.

Obey The Australian Cattle Dog!  Propaganda for the ACD Revolution

Obey the pure breed! The Dog Revolution: Obey the Australian Cattle Dog! Posters: This large ACD propaganda poster is a great way to show your obedience to the Australian Cattle Dog Breed, while reminding others that they also must,

This recipe was the winning entry for Kong's first ever KONG Connect Recipe Contest. It’s great for doggie health & digestion.    Ingredients:    - Canned Pumpkin  - Shredded Apple  - Little bit of Ground Flaxseed  - Liquid from a Can of Salmon    Mix together all ingredients and stuff into a KONG. Sit back and watch your dog enjoy!

Kong "happy belly" recipe: Mix together in a bowl: Canned Pumpkin, Shredded Apple, Little bit of Ground Flaxseed, Liquid from a Can of Salmon together. Stuff into a KONG.

A box of high quality dog products for your pup, delivered to your door every month!

barkbox instead of birchbox!A box of high quality dog products for your pup, delivered to your door every month!

Dog Recipes That Work Great In KONG Toys! | The Fun Times Guide to Dogs

Dog Recipes That Work Great In KONG Toys!

Wondering what to stuff inside of your dog's Kong toy? Here's a list of the best Kong recipes that have worked well for other dog owners. These dog recipes make delicious treats that you can stuff inside a Kong toy.

Are Human Foods OK For Dogs To Eat? See Which Ones Are Safe... And Which Ones Are NOT! | The Fun Times Guide to Dogs

Here are the foods to AVOID giving to your dog -- human foods that are poisonous to dogs -- and which are OK for pets. Plus, what you should know if you decide to offer table scraps and other people foods to your dog.

How to Stuff a KONG Toy | ASPCA

Dog Care

ASPCA Pet Insurance supposed to be a toxic & non toxic plant list for cats & dogs

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