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My favorite book of 2013. Unlikeable main character. Female version of Dostoyevsky's narrator in "Notes from Underground." Only read this if you like unlikeable characters.


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One of the sweetness young love stories I have ever read. That said--the author tackles many important issues, such as domestic violence and gender roles.


Eleanor & Park - Highland Park Public Library

This creepy novel about obsessive love is one of the all-time best psychological thrillers.


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The Unbearable Lightness of Being - Highland Park Public Library

I love Murakami. Reading his novels is like opening a door to a world that I hadn't realized was there.


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Nasty mother/grandmother narrator like no other I've read before. Set in 1970s Russia and Germany. A young author to read. Translated.


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White on Black by Ruben David Gonsales Galʹego


White on Black | Highland Park Public Library | BiblioCommons