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Responsive Design Process

Get your responsive web design inspiration with these best and cool infographics design and make your day. These infographics are full of web design tips!

Solid blocks of color, shadows, clean type  CNN - Carla Dasso

A good company that accepts this kind of motion graphic. Normally companies don't like partial showing of their logos. Solid blocks of color, shadows, clean type CNN - Carla Dasso

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Hexagonal – Clean Multipurpose Responsive Website by AVAThemes , via design banner

Шаблон TM47336 Тип: Шаблоны сайтов $67

Interactive site with spinning charts when hovered, maybe good to use for motive if icons are added. Love the color theme/feeling/look

Leica #webdesign

Leica Website Landing Page Variations - Beautiful, simple motions interactions


The color is used really subtle in these articles. The main color is yellow. The majority of the food in this is yellow or a tannish color. Other colors that work together are blue and red, with fewer references to them though.

The website '' courtesy of @Pinstamatic (

What do you think of these adorable illustrations used in this children's learning website design? We love illustrations in web design!

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Squarespace – new homepage

Squarespace – new homepage

Infographics Squarespace - new homepage Apps Launcher by Sergey Skip Web Design Layout.

Simple layout with great use of photography

Awesome colors for a scroll down site . Incredible web design layout and color palette selected. I really like this homepage - whatever web designer created this would definitely have a job at Isadora Design.

Not crazy about the photo that opens when hovering over the navigation links under the main photo, but I DO love the geometric shapes and the soft beachy colors.

Hexagonal – Clean Multipurpose Responsive Website

Hexagonal – Clean Multipurpose Responsive Website by AVAThemes , via design banner

Responsive design  Buffalo website

50 Inspiring Web Sites With Washed-Out Color Schemes

A geometric user experience that boosts data and showcases different aspects while still keeping it in line with overall design is key to getting a great, clean website you can be proud of. 25 clean and modern web designs

Cool Web Design on the Internet, PRA. #webdesign #webdevelopment #website @

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My husbands passion, don't ask me, I don't understand it either !! Web Design Inspiration #PassionatePins

20 Examples of Web Design Inspiration

nice design work via TwoFold

I like the background image with boxes of text and other images on top. Could be nice for producer pages to have a pic of the farm/estate/facility as the background image yennika