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Want a successful and fulfilling 3 New Year's Tips! Mobile Marketing, Success, News

3 tips on how to exceed yourself in 2018

As a female entrepreneur, spouse, mom and like-minded soul, it is one of my New Year's resolutions to inspire and empower you, help you ...

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The One Secret to Success - a Santa-inspired Search

Which parallel can be drawn between a touching Christmas movie and a successful company ? And how can you apply the insights gained from...

The only age restriction that LASIK surgery has is LASIK cannot be performed to anyone under 18 years old. LASIK before turning at least 18 is not safe because Secura, Sunken Eyes, Lasik Eye Surgery, Eye Center, Effects Of Stress, Eyes Problems, Samos, Cortisol, Vitamins

The Story of the Extra (S)mile

Once in a while, you hear a story that touches the heart - even in a business context. Some time ago, I heard one of these stories. And it...

What truly enthrals people in the year Three Trends! Abundance, Count, Place Card Holders, Trends, People, Beauty Trends, Folk

What truly enthrals people in the year 2017? Three Trends!

In this era of luxury and abundance, it is sometimes hard to know what kind of gifts you can count on to still be enthusiastically receive...

The 10 best examples of using Gamification in an enterprise workplace Workplace, Concept, Dinosaurs, Cases

Why concepts such as "Employee of the Month" might as well be dinosaurs

We all know them: the " Employee of the Month ", the "Rookie of the Year", the "Idea of the Month"… until recently familiar concepts in ma...

The great thing about the digital world we live in, is that we can connect with thousands of people in no time at all . But are these conn. Miss You, Connect, Digital, News, I Miss U, Missing You Love, I Miss You, Missing You Quotes

Will they miss you when you're gone?!

The great thing about the digital world we live in, is that we can connect with thousands of people in no time at all . But are these conn...

Culture transformation: 11 Lessons learned from 11 top consultancies Spiritual Formation, Change Management, Does It Work, Do Everything, Lessons Learned, Simply Beautiful, Let It Be, Culture, Learning

Culture transformation: 11 Lessons learned from 11 top consultancies

Changing the culture is a daunting endeavour for any organization. This post gives you the keys to success for cultural change as defined ...

You are no longer the person you were yesterday. Like it or not, you will change everyday. The only thing that is inevitable is change. Well, and death – but lets not get too dark here ! Weight Loss Diet Plan, Easy Weight Loss, Losing Weight, Low Fat Diets, Out Of My Mind, Bright Future, Losing 10 Pounds, Inevitable, Weight Loss Supplements

5 ways to prepare your company for the day after tomorrow

The world is changing faster than we can keep up with. It becomes extremely difficult for many leaders to make the right decisions in ord...

The INFJ personality type is one of the twelve Myers-Briggs personality types and is the rarest in the world, making up only of the world population. The acronym INFJ stands for Introvert, Intuitive, Feeling, Motivation Business, Rarest Personality Type, Negative Person, Negative People, Negative Thoughts, Impulse, Skyline, Life Quotes Love, Travel Alone

2 Things on Company Culture You’ll Wish You Knew Before

Company culture has long been linked to company performance. But exactly how strong is the relation and what comes first? I recently cam...

Resignation letter sample to use when you have been offered your dream job and you can't turn down the offer, with tips for what to include. Cows For Sale, Higher Achievement, Negative Attitude, Will You Go, Resignation Letter, Richard Branson, Types Of People, Tips & Tricks, Get Excited

High Achievement vs. Underperformance - The Winner's Secret

SMART goals "en route" to high achievement and success Today, perhaps more than ever before, we tend to live our lives in terms of high...

For each and every one of us, our first day at a new job is one of those very important moments in life. That is why, year after year, on . New Job, Logo Design, Graphic Design, Celebrities, Day, Medium, Logos, Life, Celebs

7 ways to celebrate an employee's Seniority Day in 10 minutes (or less)!

For each and every one of us, our first day at a new job is one of those very important moments in life. That is why, year after year, on ...

Preventing a Burnout - 9 Top Tips Campaign, Medium, News, Top, Life, Shirts, Medium Length Hairstyles

Preventing a Burnout - 9 Top Tips

As an entrepreneur, the last 25 years have not always been a walk in the park. The first 20 years of my entrepreneurial life were characte...

Mass Effect Web Design Best Landing Pages, Business Grants, Business Leaders, Business Tips, Web Design, Sales Process, Life Advice, Career Advice, Mass Effect

The Power of Strong Relationships - 3 Top Tips

I have a somewhat special question for you. Did you take the time this week to stop and enjoy the beautiful flowers that are starting ...

Photo about Man using scissors to remove the word can t to read I can do it concept for self belief, positive attitude and motivation. Image of incentive, adversity, impossible - 65711606 What Is Positive, Staying Positive, Positive Attitude, Positive Things, Positive Thoughts, Positive Vibes, Positive Phrases, Positive Images, Positive People

Self motivation is key!

My summer holidays have come to an end and maybe yours have too. Time to step back into our daily lives: working hard, taking care of our ...

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It’s all about connection!

Making a personal connection with someone is a first and inevitable step to building a firm, long-term relationship. The good news is: mak...