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"Coworkers got me a gift for my birthday." found this on imgur-funny-

This is why you marry your best friend :)

True Love [Pic] | I Am Bored


Hahahaha! But seriously!!!!



OMG, this made me laugh so hard!

If you were gas in my butt, I would never fart for fear of losing you, cause you're the shit!

Sometimes you just don't know...

I love where "mischief managed" is located. My future child will have this. My poor children are doomed to be nerds.

Kitties. They're just so precious.

Stalker cat... - The Meta Picture


I get awkward... - The Meta Picture

Oh my goodness!


Minions of darkness…

Pretty much

Im not saying your crazy,but you're about asstable as a mobilehome in a tornado....

I remember those things!

You really never experienced pain as a child…

Ace Ventura pet detective hahahahaha

Laces Out, Dan!

I don't want to do things. Things sucks.

How my day usually goes…

I cannnot wait to get emotionally ruined by the season finales of my favorite TV shows.

I really can't

This made me laugh so hard

I could watch this all day.

YES (gif)

Been during this hair style since Friday #ihaveanexcuse #surgery

Hair Style | Funny Pictures!