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Heather Westbrook
Heather Westbrook

Heather Westbrook

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Laughed way too hard at this!

Our Big Shelf - Custom Garage Overhead Storage Installation ...

mud from the Dead sea in the black bead and the clear beads are filled with water from Mt. Everest. The lowest and highest points on earth. Super cool!

What You Allow... so true! She has some great tips for setting routines and starting the year off right. Save!!

Are you tyring chalk paint for the first time? Don't miss these Tips and Tutorials for Painting Furniture with Chalk Paint at Mrs. Hines' Class

dreamer. doer. thinker. believer. endless possibilities.

Sometimes you need to erase old connections in your life and build rooms for new ones. If someone's not making you grow, it's time for them to Go!

That's definitely one to look at it! www.facebook.com/...

Truth. Discern what you hear. Discipline your mouth. Our words matter: you never know what someone will believe about another just because someone alluded to a conclusion about them.