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Yep, just like trying to explain being a parent to a non parent or explaining certain careers to someone. You can't EXPLAIN it, you need to FEEL and LIVE it :-)

Guilty. It's sad when I have to go somewhere on a day off and have two decent outfits to wear.

Albert Einstein you are a great man. This is what I want to teach my son.

I always forget where each one goes on this diagram.

What Does My Child Need to Learn? (Age 2- Grade 2)

Pretzel day. This episode was awesome. I loved seeing Stanley excited for Pretzel day but the BEST was this line!

Parmesan Baked Chicken Nuggets – crispy chicken nuggets with real chicken with no frying. Easy and yummy, plus everyone loves them | rasamalaysia.com

For the future when he grows out of playing with his cars constantly.

Maybe if they post this at NCLEX centers it would help test takers laugh and relax....OR...rethink their career. lol.

Egnash Family: First visit from the Tooth Fairy

True, this is what I try to tell my husband. There are different ways of showing love. Such as buying his favorite snack when he doesn't ask or like it says saving the last piece of cake for him.

How to have Mickey Mouse send a letter to your kids before you Disney vacation

I've learned the hard way.

Take a screen shot of Facebook comments and texts the day your baby is born. Save them for the baby book.