Umm hello beautiful

Beautiful :) and I love the 3 bands to represent God, Husband & Wife "A cord of three strands is not quickly broken." Ecclesiastes so pretty !

omg omg

Im pretty sure I would faint if this was offered to me. after-all-diamonds-are-a-girls-best-friend

Vintage French Retro 3.8ctw Diamond Eternity Ring in Platinum c.1940 from vsterling on Ruby Lane

Between platinum and diamond sparkle, this is perfection. wonder what it would be like with a large diamond fixture. Vintage French Retro Diamond Eternity Ring in Platinum from vsterling on Ruby Lane

Jeep Wrangler Rubicon!!

If this were a straight it would be my dream jeep.not dream vehicle. Just dream jeep lol

I want all of them!

Thick vintage diamond bands (love it! always had said whenever i get married i just want a thick band with lots of diamonds )

$48,000,000.00 million

10 Diamond Encrusted Items


Beverly K crown eternity band - diamonds set in a choice of white, yellow gold or platinum. Jewellery, jewelry um i love this and this i want for my wedding band!

7.07ct Radiant Cut Diamond set in Platinum

Interlace Collection - Radiant Cut Diamond surrounded by Baguette and Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds set in Platinum.

Oh...double oh.....

By far this is my favorite cut for an engagement ring! Pear shaped is something you don't see everyday!