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Endangered Animals Inspire 9-Year-Old Artist, Activist | HSLDA Blog

Endangered Animals Inspire 9-Year-Old Artist, Activist

Recently, an anonymous teacher leaked 4th grade Common Core test questions to the world, setting the internet ablaze with angry comments from parents and educators. The questions feature unreasonably sophisticated language, content that would be more appropriate for 9th to 12th graders, and problems that require students to analyze complexities far above their elementary school level.

Leaked Common Core Questions Stun Parents

Homeschool families in Clinton County, Kentucky, were surprised to see themselves mentioned in their local paper as a topic of discussion during the recent school board meeting. On May 18, the Clinton County News reported that local school officials intend to conduct random audits of area homeschool families this summer because they want to “ensure that all children in our county are getting a rigorous and effective education.”

Homeschoolers Threatened with Random Audits

Don’t be alarmed if a police officer shows up at your door with a letter from your public school. Just call HSLDA.

What Can Blue Do for You? Police now Delivering Mail, Apparently

The bizarre bureaucracy that New York homeschool families have to contend with is too much. Here’s why the Empire State must be reformed.

Kafka Chowder—Manhattan Style