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Questions Answered

We will try to answer all your homeschooling questions here!

What Does It Take To Homeschool? Part II | If you and I sat next to each other to enjoy a cup of coffee together, and you were to ask me what it takes to homeschool, I'd say, "Perseverance." -MaryAnn Gaver, HSLDA Blogger | HSLDA

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The days might still be cold and short, but the best cure for cabin fever is a field trip! This week on Home School Heartbeat, host Mike Smith and a special guest from the Smithsonian Institute explore lots of options for finding—or creating—a museum field trip for your homeschooled students.

PHC Prep Academy’s online courses combine rigorous academics with a Christian worldview to prepare high school students for success on AP* exams and in college. You can view their courses here:

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  • Cathi Diaz

    We heard Chris Klicka speak at a homeschool conference several years back. He struggled to walk to the podium, but when he spoke we were so inspired!


    Thanks for sharing Cathi!

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When you’re single with children, homeschooling can appear daunting. Single homeschooling mom Mary Jo Tate shares practical tips and advice to make home education a possibility for your family.

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Will my child still benefit from homeschooling if he or she has no siblings? This week on Home School Heartbeat, Mike Smith answers this question with an emphatic yes!

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If you’re considering a career as a work–at–home parent, the best place to start is by asking the right questions.

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The answer to both of these questions: "Is there one specific thing I can do to improve my child's health?" and "Is there one specific thing I can do to enhance my child's learning?" is the SAME answer.