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Divergent plate boundaries and more... Learn about earthquakes... with Oreo cookies!

Kids Discover teams with Ice Age: Continental Drift. This is a free PDF download lesson about plate tectonics. Do the lesson, watch the movie (for fun), and review the lesson again.

These cootie catchers are a great way for students to have fun while learning about plate tectonics and earthquakes. There are two versions which contain the following vocabulary terms: ♦ Convergent boundary, Divergent boundary, Transform boundary, Subduction zone, Fault, Convection current, Hot spot, Tectonic plate And ♦ Earthquake, Seismic wave, Magnitude, Epicenter, Seismologist, Seismograph, Continental drift, Pangaea

KIDS DISCOVER and Ice Age: Continental Drift have teamed up to bring you this detailed and colorful infographic on the Continental Drift Theory... Click thru for a FREE PRINTABLE!

Assessment: In this simple modeling plate tectonics activity, students will model each of the different types of interactions at plate boundaries. Geology at its best!

How does the brain work? What does each part of the brain do? Take an inside look at our most complex organ with this Interactive lesson. #gettingnerdy #INB

OMG this is too cute!! Easter bunny - cottonballs, footprints and a photo. Too cute! Not linked to a website, but worth saving.

Human Body: The Respiratory System. Several cool visuals on here!

How to make a smash cake - An easy recipe and tutorial for an adorable first birthday smash cake.

Basic Chemistry Introduction Worksheets

Childhood photos of teachers next to their favorite childhood books! Great idea for Read Across America day!

pH and digestion feast

Solutions, Suspensions, Colloids -- Summary Table

Flame Light Relight - Science Magic | Experiments | Steve Spangler Science

CO2 Fire Extinguisher | Experiments | Steve Spangler Science

Fire Tornado | Experiments | Steve Spangler Science

Fire Safety Curriculum by grade level, for K-12.