Hubert Rutkowski

Hubert Rutkowski

Hubert Rutkowski
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Anime picture with final fantasy final fantasy XIV square enix miqo'te momoko (momopoco) long hair single tall image blush blue eyes breasts fringe large breasts white hair animal ears looking away lying silver hair cleavage tail

Green or Blue Oak

I& going to attempt drawing a male. This will be the guy I will try to draw :D

Leo & Sonic - Kekkai Sensen

Kekkai Sensen © (Blood Blockade Battlefront ©)/ Yasuhiro Nightow/ Editorial: Shūeisha/ Estudio: BONES/ Leonard Watch y Sonic (Leonardo Watch y Sonic).

Alex' 19' parents dead' He killed his parents they tortured him his whole life he's now mostly to him self never raises his hand in class his best friend is blade that means he problems is a merderer we don't know if he has merdered others or what so all we know he is a merderer the same as blade and did not tell use what he think of what he did that is all.

From Fisheye Placebo by Yummei Read at –> yuumei. (when putting up pictures that actually give the artist's name, like RIGHT THERE on an art site, please give credit to them ^w^)

"Hey, I'm Alton. I like stuff like tumblr and f*cking Pinterest....let's see, oh, and reading! I curse a lot, so if you have a problem with that sucks for you, motherf*cker. I you want to have a bite sometime?"

Ron specializes in fire type pokémon which makes him Elana's rival