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Handy Tips

Handy Tips

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Review of past Pantone colours of the year

  • Karima A
    Karima A

    The colours don't seem to vary greatly across the years, huh?

the proper way to set a table

ROOST: how to arrange bed pillows

Fix your iPhone charger, I may need this at some point.

Cleaning your toilet with coca cola will get out the nastiest stains!

  • Winnie Reed
    Winnie Reed

    If coke does this to my toliet what does it do to my stomach!? Thanks for the great tip.

Remove permanent marker from wood floors..or wood dining tables -worked like a charm! also use it to take permanent marker off of walls, dry erase boards or anything that has been permanent marker tattooed.

  • Julie Wells
    Julie Wells

    I needed this tip last week.

10 Household Items You Can Clean in 1 Minute & Probably Should - Apartment Therapy

Baking Soda + Orange Juice mask: this combo gets rid blackheads like nobody’s business and is great for treating hormonal breakouts.

Gross but necessary tip: An inexpensive and safe way to get pee/urine stains and smells out of a mattress or any other surface. Works for kids and pets pee!

How to Clean Pillows. Good to know!

no scrub carpet cleaner

  • Jennifer Bernstein
    Jennifer Bernstein

    I've used this for years and it's fabulous!

How To Clean Your House in 20 Minutes a Day for 30 Days

easy step-by-step info

The "miracle" of baking soda and peroxide. Put 1/4 cup of baking soda in a bowl.....add enough peroxide to make a paste. Rub on with fingers or sponge. Cleans EVERYTHING! Stove, oven, pans, stainless steel applicances, even the white handles of the refrig door.

  • Maggie Larchick
    Maggie Larchick

    love it

  • Bill-Melanie Norwood
    Bill-Melanie Norwood

    Wow thanks for the tip

soak old paintbrush in hot vinegar for 30 minutes and good as new! Good tip to remember!

  • Maggie Larchick
    Maggie Larchick


A bundle of chalk hung in a closet will absorb extra moisture and keep clothing fresh and dry, and takes up much less room than an electric dehumidifier. Read more at Spring-Cleaning Rooms – Martha Stewart

Organizing Tricks for teachers


Everyone should have a copy of this pinned to their wall.

  • Nancy Beach
    Nancy Beach

    Ha! Ha! So true!

Instead of using extra laundry detergent to pre-treat, we turn to our old school friend: white chalk. Simply rub onto greasy stains and the chalk powder will absorb the grease, making the stain easily removable by the laundry soap in the wash.

Heat a bowl of water and vinegar for 5 minutes in the microwave, the steam will dissolve stuck on stains. Simply wipe off.

Heat a bowl of water and vinegar for 5 minutes in the microwave, the steam will dissolve stuck on stains. Simply wipe off.

Heat a bowl of water and vinegar for 5 minutes in the microwave, the steam will dissolve stuck on stains. Simply wipe off.

  • Cora Dotson
    Cora Dotson

    I use water and half of a lemon

  • Susan Roark
    Susan Roark

    I use straight water. everything just wipes right off..........easy!!!

  • Chrissy Mayo
    Chrissy Mayo

    You can do it with just the water, it works the same

Here's a nontoxic but effective way to clean your tub: Add one teaspoon of liquid soap and several drops of an antibacterial essential oil (such as tea tree, eucalyptus, rosemary, or peppermint) to one cup of baking soda. Add just enough water to form a paste, and use it with a sponge or brush to scour bathtub surfaces.

Permanent Marker

  • Stephanie Slikkerveer
    Stephanie Slikkerveer

    Paris Hilton Perfume in the pink and black bottle! Makes your house smell good too!

  • Lou Isley
    Lou Isley

    take a dry erase marker over it then wipe off works also. I have done it and it works.

  • Andrea Stieff
    Andrea Stieff

    We have found that sol-u-mel from melaleuca works wonders on removing sharpie stains and hot glue and lables ,grease ... We all keep a bottle at our workstations when making bags...