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Map Of A Woman

What it means to be a woman today -- and like it.

Map Of A Woman

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“Ever since Tina Fey was elected to congress, there’s been a total shift,” said Katie, a 23-year-old PR account manager. “My boss just gave me a 22 percent raise!” she added.

In a new video produced for Willdfang, a tomboy-style clothing line, Evan Rachel Wood becomes #EvanRachelWould and says yes to every adventure she comes across.

"Aging gracefully has become a buzzword for not aging at all. Some people were born with better looks and with better genes. But not all of us. For the sake of the rest of us -- the majority -- how about you ease up on the pressure and just let us age in peace."

If Disney princesses were allowed to age gracefully (or age at all!) they'd look pretty darn amazing. (Needless to say, Ariel never let anyone silence her again.)

Instead of simply seeing the women in these portraits, the series allows viewers to learn what these women see in themselves.

How will she ever know how far she could walk, or how fast she could run?

As Women's History Month draws to a close, here are 19 incredible photos of women at work -- a century ago.


To celebrate the feminist author, activist and all-around awe-inducing goddess on her 81st birthday, we've compiled some of her best quotes and lessons from over the years.

"Daughters... they'll teach you something about perspective."

Happy 25th anniversary, pretty woman!

It's an utter smorgasbord of free-range, grass-fed boys in that place. If you're looking for a man, look no further. I'm here with the definitive list of men you'll find at what I like to call, "Disneyland for those with dietary restrictions."

Big butts had a moment. Big boobs had a moment. Even big arms had a moment (or are having a moment). What about big thighs?! When are they going to have a moment? Let's start a motion!

Suddenly getting charged more for birth control? Here's why.