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Cathy's personality draws similarity to some of the symbols that snakes are associated with, such as evil, betrayal and sexual temptation.

Top 10 Dangerous and Venomous Snakes of the world. Check out new pictures & photos of World Top 10 Dangerous Snakes.

the-fragile-beauty-of-this-world: Green Line - Black Eyes by ToNo’s world on Flickr.

No pupil, no iris. Only black holes! Ahaetulla is a genus of colubrid snakes commonly referred to as vine snakes, or whip snakes. They are found predominantly from India through to China and much of southeast Asia, including many Pacific islands.

I hate snakes, but this is a cool pic and, despite the fangs, doesn't scare me like pics of snakes usually do. He looks kind of pretty, in a villainous way.

The snake lunged for Ardhoniel with a lighting fast strike. I moved equally as fast, putting myself between it and her, and moving her out of harm's way. I then felt a white hot pain in my calf as the serpent sank its fangs into my leg.