4 Free Printable Calendars- I love the simple handlettering on these!

4 free printable calendars: A classic grid calendar, list calendar (great for budgeting), perpetual calendar (perfect for birthdays), & now the half page grid!

embroidered hearts

These sweet and simple little heart notes are completely handmade with the environment in mind. Each note features an embroidered heart in soft,

simple gift wrap idea to make your presents look fabulous this Holiday season.

Newspaper wrapping

DIY Photocopied Favor Box: Scan the page that defines “love” in a dictionary. Then, wrap the box as you would a present, tie with twine, and add our phonetic tag.


White star gift wrap decoration with white paper string (this is a kit that you order, stars made of porcelain….but what about using clay for the stars and…….


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