Time decides who you meet in life…

Funny pictures about Time decides who you meet in life. Oh, and cool pics about Time decides who you meet in life. Also, Time decides who you meet in life.


Not everyday is a good day, live anyway. Not all you love will love you back, love anyways. Not everyone will tell you the truth, be honest anyway. Not all deals are fair, play fair anyway.

Confidence is.

Confidence is not "they will like me". Confidence is "I'll be find if they don't" . confidence boost, confidence quotes, becoming confident

I ❥ you

Like the heart in this. I so see myself writing this, just like this, but with a left-handed tilt to it.

"Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim." -Nora Ephron

Pretty Smart

The heroine always prevails. She moves beyond fear, beyond doubts, beyond challenges. She comes into her true self. Be your heroine. You matter. Be empowered.

the straight and dirty

If he miss you he'll call you. If he wants you he'll say it. If he cares about you he will show it. If not, he can't be worth your time.so why can't I let go?

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