This is so cool .  The creativity of people never ceases to amaze me.

Then She Made . groovy things "I need to show this to my husband. He is making things from metal scraps.this is cute and what an easy project." Need excellent tips and hints on arts and crafts? Head to my amazing site!

10 Ideas para decorar rincones del hogar con cosas recicladas!

10 Ideas para decorar rincones del hogar con cosas recicladas

Decoración reciclando cajas de pizzas ~ OK -- I just couldn't use a pizza box -- certainly that would attract unwanted guests!

Found Object ROBOT SCULPTURE  Polly & Wally by CastOfCharacters23, $155.00

Tin box,cheese grater, electrical cords and socket ends. Polly & Wally by

Grade Six - Flower magnification project. We used tissue paper on pizza boxes!

Flower magnification project with tissue paper on pizza boxes! Papa Johns every Friday at the school, boxes from that?

Repurpose milk jugs to create these beautiful butterflies. These make a cute art…

Translucent butterflies - effect is actually very nice, traced and cut from milk jug plastic and colored with Sharpies - replace pipecleaners with beads and metal finds. Milk Jug Decorative Window Crafts by Alphamom -

Collaborative Recycling Art Project for Kids

Recycled Bottle Cap Mural - Collaborative Art Project

Fantastic Recycled Plastic

Fantastic Recycled Plastic: 30 Clever Creations to Spark Your Imagination: David Edgar, Robin A.