Humanitarian Coalition

Humanitarian Coalition

Ottawa, Canada / The Humanitarian Coalition consists of 7 charitable member agencies.
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Displaced people in Sudan, 2016 Since mid-January, military operations in North Darfur have forced large numbers of people to flee their homes and seek refuge elsewhere in the country.

Earthquake in Ecuador, April 2016 CARE Canada and Plan International Canada were able to assist impacted individuals and communities with timely emergency relief aid following the devastating earthquake that hit Ecuador on April 16.

Floods in Sri Lanka in May 2016 Heavy rains in May 2016 caused the worst flooding in Sri Lanka in the last 25 years. The floods and accompanying landslides killed more than 1,000 people and displaced more than 21,000 from their homes.

Cyclone in Bangladesh, May 2016 More than 500,000 residents of Bangladesh were forced to evacuate their homes when tropical cyclone Roanu hit in May 2016.

Three months after Philippines Typhoon Haiyan, how has Oxfam spent your donations. Find out more at

Syrian children waking up inside their tent in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley. Conditions for Syrian children fleeing the violence in their country continue to worsen. We call on all parties in this conflict to allow access for humanitarian aid. Help here:

A Syrian girl holds a younger child in a refugee camp in northern Iraq. Some 2 million Syrian children are in need of assistance. Photo: Peter Biro/IRC