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But Manx's Face

Tattoos Perfect For Any Animal-Lover: People get tattoos to honor their children, to show their fandom allegiance, and even to pledge their love to their significant other.

Tattoo by @cansuolga (Dog portrait tattoo) Mehr

Tattoo by (Dog portrait tattoo) Mehr - Tap the pin for the most adorable pawtastic fur baby apparel! You'll love the dog clothes and cat clothes!

Los Angeles Tattoo Artist Dr. Woo Photos

"I do a great amount of dog portraits, but this one stands out — so much expression in her face," Woo tells us. "The owner said this is the face she makes when you say 'tacos.

10+ Of The Best Dog Tattoo Ideas Ever | Bored Panda

A dog isn't just a pet. They do not care about your career choices, your wealth or your flaws, a dog will love you no questions asked.