space is the place

whether it be a beautiful moment in time or a beautiful place in space, notice all the beautiful things in that second. BE where you are completely.
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... this room, this bedding and that cat.

love the colors, lights, and wall hanging. That bed looks so comfy! That's what I want my beds to look.

Reclaimed Wood Floating Shelf - Urban Outfitters

Reclaimed Wood Floating Shelf

Awww I love when I am upset and my boyfriend tries to kiss me so i let him kiss my cheek but than he just kisses towards my face and I give in

MM and Arthur Miller

¥THE LITTLE THINGS.The part after dinner when you have no place to go and nothing to do, when you just enjoy each others company, is the defining moment. - Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller, Beverly Hills, California 1960

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city life, journey, adventure -- is it really so much to ask for?

The thing I want to do in a big city. Just sit in the window of a skyscraper and watch the thousands of busy lives while wondering about each individual.


leather mesh tote by Teha'amana via leather cage basket & inner linen bag by Just Campagne leahter bags by 曽田 耕(soda ko) via & via