Fairies under the stairs ... so cute! from LaurrieS - love the little lantern!  #fairy #garden #house #tutorial #gardening #DIY #crafts #nature #miniature - tå√

Fairy Garden idea for new house. Fairies under the stairs . so cute love the little lantern! Easy way to incorporate it or maybe on a garden pot?

Beautiful, simple, and cheap wedding centerpieces

Inverted wine glasses as candle holders is such a cute idea, and the roses really make it gorgeous. The possibilities are endless, and wineglasses are CHEAP. wineglasses can even be plastic

Flying Reflection of Hummingbird

Flying Reflection – Amazing Pictures - Amazing Travel Pictures with Maps for All Around the World

Toilet paper tube eyes, just add a glow stick!  This idea is genius!!!

Glowing Eyes: Save finished toilet paper rolls, cut eyes into them. Put glow sticks in the toilet paper rolls. Place the rolls into your hedge, trees or bushes at night. Watch people freak out as they pass your lawn.

Watercolor hummingbird and flowers.

Think this would make beautiful tattoo. Simply stunning watercolor painting of a flying hummingbird and flower by splashy artist Dean Crouser

Disney Quotes to Share

Winnie the Pooh (Pooh Bear) and Piglet.unlikely friends. And Pooh Bear has such a simple, kind heart. Piglet is a little cranky in an entertaining kind of way.and he loves his friend.

dragon cross stitch patterns free printable - Google Search

Kustom Krafts Little Snap Dragon - Cross Stitch Pattern. A tiny little dragon enjoys the sweet smell of the Snapdragons in this Dyan Allaire design.

©James Hautman  "Bluebird Glories"

Bluebirds and blue morning glories. What is more beautiful? Glad I found morning glories that bloom all day.