Nuff said lol

or when your the only actual soccer player on a team against a team full of them. My pe teacher always does this! Why cant they actually separate all the soccer players into even teams, and have all the others be cheerleaders or somrthing? life is on pause,its soccer season

Mon:practice Tues:practice Wed: practice Thurs: practice Fri:team bonding Me"oh I'm sorry I can't come" Friend"oh you have gymnastics" Me: "no" *why do people think I'm always busy*


I say this ALL the time. then the swimmers look like the life was sucked out of them. This is for Coach Erica! But when you say practice is going to be fun.

Yes. Soccer <3

playing soccer in the rain is actually my FAVORITE thing in the world to do lolz


Or in my case, when my coach me and my best friend on the same team for softball or basketball


I beat my opponent, I fight the pain, I ignore it, there's no time for crying or drama queens, I live to play soccer. Call me when your sport gets only shin guards to protect yourselves.